Winter Nail Picks

December 6, 2015


My hands and nails are my pride. They’re the only thing I truly enjoy taking care of: I can’t stand seeing chipped nail polish, and, let’s be honest, manicure sessions are sheer bliss. Now that the weather is cooler and the holidays are around the corner, we started getting a bit festive in the nails department.

No, there are no glitter polishes included. I don’t do glitter – just want to put it out there, sorry not sorry. Also, this post is not sponsored by Essie. It just happens they have good stuff.


The first color that I popped out is Sexy Divide, the strangest color of the bunch. I’m in love with this deep purple shade and its mesmerizing hint of shimmer that looks like shining stars.

Recessionista is my go-to/ultimate/favorite shade this season: it’s a gorgeous creamy plum. According to Essie, it leaves “a gorgeous look that goes beyond dollars and sense”. Couldn’t agree more.

During winter time, I like my nails to be as dark as my soul. Wicked is so dark that it’s actually satisfying. It’s a beautiful black red that looks like a different shade based on lighting.

Burgundy is the new black. Lacy Not Racy will make you feel like, both, a lady and a hipster. It’s quite an odd color, but I would describe it as a deep burgundy with a dash of class, a modern twist, and a unique personality.

What are your winter nail picks? 

– Zein xx

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