What’s In My Bag

November 8, 2014

A messy bag post.. Why not? Besides old receipts, what’s in my bag is always changing up. Warning: I didn’t bother cleaning up my bag before taking pictures.

So I’ve been carrying my electric blue Marc by Marc Jacobs bag a lot lately. My mother initially got it for herself a few years ago. It miraculously ended up with me. Hah! But I think it’s time to get a new bag because this bad boy looks used and abused.

First off, the wallet. Again, Marc Jacobs. It’s not obvious that I’m a fan of the brand, no. This is a model that they always have in different shades depending on the season. I’ve had this baby for about 4 or 5 years.

I can’t live without this little red and white pouch. Basically it contains: hand sanitizer, oil control films, Beesline lip balm and OPI hand cream. I also added to the pouch family a mini Elie Saab perfume since my Chanel Allure is no longer with us. Sheds a tear. 


As for the makeup products that are always buried under the big pile of mess, we have: MAC lipstick in Plumful, Laura Mercier setting powder and Sigma’s big fluffy brush (not recommended). I’m quite proud of myself for not having 5 lipsticks, 3 lip balms and 8 concealers.

Other necessities? Ray-Ban aviator sunnies, keys, another La Mer hand cream because two is always better than one, phone charger (iPhone users, you would understand), earphones and phone.

That’s it! When I go to university, to the gym or to both a lot of add-ons come along: books, sports bras, deodorant… Basically, I become Mary Poppins. But more on that another time.
What’s in your bag? Leave a comment below! 
– Zein xx

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