Travel : How do I travel with my brushes and which ones I take!

June 28, 2012

Hey lovelies!
I’m traveling tomorrow! I’m so excited! 😀 Since I’m traveling, I thought I would publish a “Travel” post. So today, I’m going to tell how I store my brushes on a big trip! Of course, I’ll show you guys which ones I picked out.
I keep my brushes in a brush roll, the most practical way of doing it! I don’t like tossing them in my makeup bag, I’m too scared to ruin their shape and their bristles.

In this brush roll you can store 15 brushes!! Twelve of them are covered up and the other three are on the left hand side of the brush roll are not.

I always keep this plastic-y cover over the big brushes, as you can see in the picture bellow. Again, I do this to not ruin the precious bristles…

These are the brushes I take!

Starting from the left

  • Urban Decay Shadow brush (the one that came with the Naked Palette, the 1st one).
  • Mikyajy Blusher brush, this is my 1st brush!! Mikyajy is a beauty store in the UAE btw. 
  • Sigma F30.
  • Sigma F50.
  • Sigma F40.
  • Sigma F60.
  • Sigma F70. 
  • MAC 210; Sigma E05, Sigma E15, Sigma E65. (I combine all of my eyeliner brushes in one ‘pocket’ to save up some space for other brushes that I need). 
  • Sigma E70. 
  • Sigma E40. 
  • Sigma E35. 
  • Sigma E60. 
  • Sigma E55. 
  • Sigma E30. 
You can find most of my brushes in this kit or you can just check them out individually by clicking here! The brush roll can be found here as well. You can get 10% OFF your purchase from Sigma until the 30th of June! Just use the code STAR2012!!
Now, you might have noticed that I didn’t include the foundation brush that I have been using lately and that I have raved about here. That’s because my mom, my sister and I exchange our brushes sometimes (but we get them cleaned up before re-using them, of course! Hygiene is very important people!). So my mom is taking my foundation brush with her so that I have more space for other stuff. 
Do you want me to do more travel posts? Comment and suggest a topic! 
Btw, I did Yasmine’s (one of my besties) eye makeup today! I love doing her makeup! She’s really meant for it! Her eyes are a bit winged and lifted (if that makes any sense, I think it doesn’t) and they’re big, so it’s easy to work on them. And her eyelashes are PERFECT! Literally! They are naturally curly, long and full! Check out what I’ve done to her eyes and tell me what you think! 
She doesn’t have any false lashes on! And I didn’t even apply mascara to them! Well, she did. But she hardly puts some on, I know her! 

Here’s a picture of her with an eye open! (Not very clear, sorry for that) 
So this is it for today! Tomorrow’s Friday!! Yaay! And I’m traveling! *Happy dance!*
How do you like to travel with your brushes? Which brushes do you normally take? Tell me in the comments bellow, maybe I’ll use your method for traveling and check out the brushes you enjoy using! 😀 
– Zein xx

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  • Reply pinkpowderpuff June 29, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    I use the same brush roll when I travel, it works so well! If I’m only going somewhere for a short period of time, though, and I only have a few brushes, I usually use a pencil case I got from Harrods

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