The Residence’s Favorites : Best 14 of 2014

January 4, 2015
End of year favorites: the easiest post to write, said no one ever. It took me a whole plane ride from Beirut to Dubai to think through all the new products that were tried and tested. And guess what!? Turns out I have fourteen favorites in 2014. Get it?

At first, I thought that not a single product was worth mentioning this year. But I was wrong. I don’t necessarily use all of these products on daily basis but, in my opinion, those are the ones that impressed me the most.
Starting with the newly re-launched brand in the UAE: NARS. I still can’t get over it! We have NARS in Dubai! I always felt like it was the “forbidden” brand that couldn’t be found in the desert. Point is, I got the chance to get my hands on a few products like the multiple in Copacabana, the Illuminator in Hot Sand and the Lip Pencil in Yu. Er-mergerd. Words can’t possibly describe how blown away I am. These have been mentioned numerous times. Click here to read everything I have ever written about NARS on the blog.
Next is Clarins, another brand that I’ve never really tried in the past. This year, I invested in their summer collection bronzer (which is still available, I believe) and their Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. If you’ve been following me during the summer, you would know that the bronzer is very well loved. As for the cleanser, I almost finished a bottle. Enough said.
Two eyeshadow palettes made my year. First off, is the Urban Decay Naked Basics; no, it’s nothing new in the market. But talk about practical! Everything you need is in this hand-size palette. Yet to be fair, the Too Faced Chocolate palette was more the star of the show: it made an appearance the day of my graduation. The colors are gorgeous and the formula is simply outstanding.
Another new love is the MaxFactor mascara. Volume? Yes. Length? Indeed. Holds a curl? No doubt. Love it? Definitely. Will I buy it again? Absolutely!
Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time on The Beauty Residence, we have nail and hand products in an end of year favorites post. Please put your hands together for OPI’s From A To Z-urich. I’ve been wearing this color for the past two months non-stop, along with the very-famous Seche Vite top coat. Apparently OPI offers hand creams? They call them the Avojuice skin quenchers. I have the Sweet Tea scent. Now, I’ve never really mentioned this on the blog, but the reason why I absolutely love their creams is because they dry to a velvet finish which means no sticky feeling or spreading cream on everything you touch. Marvelous!
Nivea’s in-shower body lotion came into my life this year. This is probably the best human creation ever. You slap it on during the shower then rinse it off immediately. There’s no sticky feeling after that and you don’t need to dedicate a fifteen-minute session just for body lotion application after each shower.
My hair looks different everyday. But the one thing I didn’t change is my leave-in conditioner. I can’t let my hair down unless I’ve used L’Oreal’s Spirale Splendour. Otherwise I look like the Wicked Witch’s broom. You can read more about my hair adventures here.
As for blush, MAC’s Cheeky Bugger is the blush to own this year. Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition one. It is best described as a warm pink that ends up looking a bit darker on the cheeks. I guess it adapts to the skin tone. And it has the coolest name ever: Cheeky Bugger.
There are more products that can be mentioned like Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation, Foreo’s Luna, Ocean Salt by Lush, etc. However, the fourteen products pictured above are the ones that made my year – and they happen to be the only products that I got with me to Dubai.
Farewell, 2014. You’ve been dazzling.
What are you end of year favorites?
– Zein xx

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