The battle of the mascaras

June 22, 2014

Most of my beauty dilemmas consist of choosing which mascara I’m going for on that day. I know, I know, I have a tough life. No need to remind me. Lately, I’ve been juggling between two mascaras : the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara and the UNE 3 in 1 Ultra Black mascara. 

I’ve been quite liking these two gems. They both give good results in different ways. But they still come along with pros and cons. 
Bourjois mascara
Despite a fluttery and voluminous lash look, this mascara promises immediate coating, 16 hour hold and easy removal. Also, it has the most unusual brush. It comes with small balls between the bristles as you can see in the picture below. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well it is. 

  1. It gives the volume promised 
  2. Very lengthening 
  3. Curls lashes pretty nicely 
  4. Formula is not too wet, no too dry – just right
  5. Final result : full lashes that lift the eye look


  1. Not black enough 
  2. More than a second is needed to perfect the lash look desired 
  3. Too much product gets onto the brush

UNE mascara

This one promises what most 3 in 1 mascaras promise: curling, length and volume. However, it also says that the formula contains deep black pigments. So there is an “over pigmentation” that brings density to the eyes.  

  1. Curls the lashes 
  2. Very black 
  3. Dry formula (a personal preference) 
  4. Provides enough volume 


  1. Not lengthening enough 
  2. There isn’t as much volume as the Bourjois one 
Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde ; UNE 3 in 1 Ultra Black
After writing this post, I actually think I prefer the Bourjois one. Who knew that blogging could solve your beauty dilemmas? Anyway, above is a comparison between the two mascaras on my lashes. I couldn’t get my camera to focus on both of my eyes. So it just did on the UNE mascara which is why it appears more performing than the Bourjois one. 
Even if it doesn’t show that well on the picture above, the Bourjois wins the battle. It gives a more lifted and voluminous look. 
Anything else I forgot to mention? I finally finished my exams. Woohoo! (Bring it on university!) And since my summer officially started, I raced to the nearest beach to get my tan on which is why my face looks kind of red in that picture. Have a lovely day! 
Which mascara(s) are you using lately? Tried any of these?  
– Zein xx

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