Skincare : Review of Lip Care by Beesline

August 26, 2012

I have found my new love! I’ve been using this product all summer long and been wanting to do a review about it. But I just couldn’t find the right time. But now that I’m back in Dubai, I’ve got all the time I need.

So the review is about a lip balm by Beesline. Ever heard of that brand before? … Maybe not.

You’ve probably already seen the picture of this lip balm on Twitter, I’ve posted it a while ago.

Here’s a bit about this Lebanese brand: it started out in 1993 with a university student that mixed creams for his mother with the help of his sister. The first product that was launched was this one, the Lip Care lip balm and it had a huge success. And ever since, they came up with skincare products from head to toe. All of the products are paraben, silicone and paraffin free. And they are never tested on animals!

The packaging of the product is fine. It doesn’t bother me at all. It actually looks a bit cool, but it’s noting special.

Lets move on to more serious stuff, shall we?

The product itself is amazing. It looks yellow but obviously doesn’t show up that way. It shows up clear. It hasn’t got any scent to it and it’s made out of natural ingredient! It’s made out of beeswax obviously, carrot oil, wheat germ oil, carnauba wax and nigella oil. Now you may not know this, but beeswax is excellent for the skin, it improves its condition.
It glides on so smoothly. And it is not creamy and thick, which surprised me. In a good way, of course! It actually leaves just a thin layer of the product, just the perfect amount of lip balm you need. And it is extremely moisturizing!

You get 0.6oz/4.5g of product which is reasonable. However, I can’t seem to remember its price…

Overall, I love this product and I really recommend it to people with chapped lips! It is amazing! I use it everyday! I got four of them because it can only be found in Lebanon, unfortunately.

If you want to know more about Beesline check out there website by clicking here.

What is your favorite lip balm? Tell me in the comments bellow 🙂 

– Zein xx 

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  • Reply Delyteful Speaks September 10, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    This sounds divine! Im loving my chanel lip balm at the moment and of course my trusty nuze lip balm is a staple in my collection

    Thanks for the post!

    • Reply Zein September 11, 2012 at 5:11 pm

      Thank you!


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