My majestic daily life : My trip to Morocco

March 31, 2013

My teachers organized a little voyage to Morocco for my class. Was I excited about it? Hell yes. You might already know that I was absent last week if you follow me on Twitter. That week was by far the most adventurous week I’ve been through during my entire life.

The point of this trip was discovering new cultures. So this including meeting a lot of little cute children! 

We first arrived in Marrakech where we spent a night. The city is beautiful. They preserved its architecture and color which is red. The red represents earth, soil and iron. Of course, one of the first things we did is visit the very famous souq. Girls don’t walk on your own in there! There is a lot of pickpocketing happening and the way sellers attract a lady’s attention is a bit inappropriate. My friends and I got a few funny comments “hello Miss France”, “my little white cheese” just to name a few. However, nothing dangerous happens. The city is safe if you keep your eyes open. In the souq, I felt like I was in the movie Aladdin when princess Jasmine escapes from the palace. Only difference is I’m no princess…

We also went hiking to reach a few villages we stayed in. Yes, hiking includes hideous hiking shoes. Ugh.. So unattractive. But trust me, when you’re hiking better wear ridiculous clothes than getting injured or ruining the best clothes you have. 
We made new friends. Say hi to Gerard! 
In the villages we went to a school and met cute kids (who made fun of me – how lovely…) and had a Moroccan bath which is something everyone should do at least once per year. You can’t imagine what came out of my body! After the bath, I felt that I was completely clean and that I had a new skin. 
We also got to meet the ones in charge of the village who explained to us how they got water and electricity without the help or the government. 
The Moroccans that I met are so nice and welcoming. They immediately understood that we came from Dubai where “cold” is nowhere to be found. Well, except for a guy responsible of the “hotel” we stayed in when we were in the highest village of Morocco. He didn’t want to give us wood to do a fire and we were freezing! Such an ass. 
Speaking of the weather… It was sunny with a bit of wind. The weather was perfect. But on the day we went for the biggest hike, it started with a sunny morning. As we got higher and higher up the mountains, we felt the cold progressively taking over our bodies. Then we went through a hailstorm. Then we went through rain (and I mean showers). Then we went through snow. Sun, wind, rain, hailstorm and snow in one day. I was over the moon! (can you tell that I’ve lived in Dubai for a very long time?) It’s crazy what nature is capable of doing. 
The food was so good and their mint tea is lovely! But I’ve had enough of chicken, couscous and tea for a week. 
Moroccan appetizers
Morocco has a completely different civilization. This trip made me discover a lot of new things and taught me how live on my own. It also got me closer to people who I barely talked to. And the fact that I traveled with my friends made everything extra fun. I would definitely do this again.
Haul coming soon 😉 
P.S: because of all that hiking we did, my face and my hands are super tanned but my legs are supper pale. I look funny in a swimsuit.
– Zein xx

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  • Reply Mai March 31, 2013 at 10:14 am

    wooow sounds like you had an aaamaaazing time!! I’ve only been to tanja and I really liked it.. Would love to tour morrocco

    • Reply Zein March 31, 2013 at 10:23 pm

      You should do it one day! It’s a nice experience. It changes from the urban city…


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