My majestic daily life : Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day 2

October 22, 2013
What a day! I don’t even know where to start… Day 2 was the busiest day out of the four days of Fashion Forward, for me. I was juggling between meeting new people, attending fashion shows as well as fashion talks. I sound like the busiest women on earth who jumps from a task to another. It’s really not like that actually. Haha! I have to be completely honest from the start: there were a lot of ups and downs… Make sure you keep reading until the end to know what I wore on that day.

My day started with the Reem Al Kanhal fashion show. I’m no fashion savvy, but I must admit that it was a bit of a disappointment for me. The models looked like they were wearing bedsheets. However, I love the simplicity and the calmness of the collection which is why there are a few pieces that I really liked. She stuck to the simple side of things with the makeup and went for the “no makeup” makeup look with a pop of purple eyshadow. Here are my favourite looks.

This disappointment was quickly forgotten with Dima Ayad’s show. I absolutely loved every single piece designed. She based all of her designs on a tribal print which was matched with fun and fresh colours for summer. I’ll be definitely checking out this collection for my SS14 shopping spree. The models’ makeup was a mix of seriousness and fun: winged eyeliner with a good amount of bronzer to make the face look thiner and bright red lips. Love love love!
I attended a fashion talk in which the fashion designer Nanette Lepore talked about manufacturing locally. It’s nothing that concerns me as I have no intention of being a fashion designer at the moment (or any other kind of manufacturer). She told us her story of how she became a successful designer herself. And said something quite smart that no one would say in this city: “think small before you think big. Because thinking big can scare you”. Well that’s something they don’t teach us in Dubai! It was a very interesting talk and I’ve definitely learned a lot. 
After that, I attented the Toujouri show – another disappointment. A lot of people have liked this collection but it’s definitely not in cohesion with my personal taste. As for makeup, it’s another form of the “no makeup” makeup look with soft brown eyes, pink cheeks and fuchsia accents on the center of the lower lip. Here are a few outfits that were presented to us. 
Madiyah Al Sharqi’s show was the next one to showcase. Apparently, this was a very much awaited show. I must admit, I’m not familiar with her work but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they were huge fans of what she does. Overall, the pastel collection was nice. I’m not very sure how I feel about it… I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. However I loved the makeup. I think it suits the collection perfectly: clear skin with a lot of highlighting (cheekbones, inner corners) and soft pink cheeks. Indeed, we saw the “no makeup” makeup look again. The first picture of the post was taken at that show. 
The final fashion show was Charbel Zoe. He dressed Yasmine Petty that night, the world’s most famous transgender (who just liked two of my instagram pictures, as I’m writing this – freaky). His pieces involved a lot of bling and massive flowers and feathers sticking out of models’ derrieres. Definitely not something I would wear! I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. The models had gorgeous makeup that consisted of very smokey winged eyes and nude lips. 

I spent most of my day with the lovely fashion blogger Myriam from Fashion Laboratoire and her friends.

Picture taken from Myriam

I even met a few of my favourite bloggers: Ascia from The Hybrid in a Headpiece and Nadya from The Fierce Diairies. I totally had a fan moment right there!

What I wore: top and necklace: Forever 21 – skirt and heels: Mango – clutch: Longchamp.

Picture taken from Myriam

I tried using the Sleep in Rollers as you can see in the following picture that I also posted on Instagram before Fashion Forward day 2. Unfortunately, I ended up with only one big bouncy curl as I removed all of the rollers incorrectly. Better luck next time… FOTD post will be up soon. Stay tuned!

– Zein xx

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