My majestic daily life : Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day 1

October 17, 2013

Hmm… The Beauty Residence attending a four day fashion event. Doesn’t sound right. But change is good, I like a little change. When I knew that Fashion Forward is hosting season 2, I immediately felt the need of being at that event. So TBR (cool abbreviation for The Beauty Residence) is opening up to fashion!

Fashion Forward’s second season launched 15th Octobre showcasing emerging regional designers. Fashion shows and fashion talks are held throughout the day. I personally find the fashion talks are really interesting and informative for younger generations – like my age – who are starting to pick a path which they should follow after graduating from high school. It gives us a few ideas of what to expect from the fashion industry. Plus, I have always admired fashion from the outside. This is the perfect opportunity for me to discover something new.

As it was the first day of Eid (by the way, Eid Mubarak to all!), I was busy during the whole day and managed to attend the night shows. Luckily, I was just in time for Ezra’s fashion show, the most awaited show of all. I have to say that what he presented was different and quite interesting from what I’ve seen until now. There are a few pieces that I absolutely loved and others not so much. Ezra also featured in his show males in skirts. I never thought I’d see this anywhere, a part from Mardi Gras at school. Since I arrived five minutes before the show began, I didn’t manage to find a seat. So the members of the staff sent me all the way to front row. I had a little moment of fame and felt very special for a second there. Haha! Here are a few not so clear shots from the show.

As for makeup, a lot of sculpting happened on that night. The models’ skin had a flawless and very dewy finish. For contouring, the makeup artists used more of a yellow toned bronzer. For highlighting, a white/cool toned cream highlighter was the key to accentuate the cheekbones. The eyes were kept subtle with a very soft brown smokey look. To drag all the attention to the cheekbones, the colour picked for the lips was a matte natural nude.

I couldn’t stay for the other shows as I was dead tired and almost begged to go home.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take an outfit of the day picture to share on the blog. But I’ll be posting a face of the day very shortly. Stay tuned for more fashion shows and runway beauty! Make sure you follow me on Instagram, where I’m posting the finales or a sneak peek of every show, and Twitter to get daily updates.

– Zein xx

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