My majestic daily life : Breakfast at Tom&Serg

April 30, 2014

So I went for breakfast at Tom&Serg this morning with my two best friends, a very well known restaurant that has been getting all the buzz all over social media lately. I, of course, got my camera along. How blogger of me.

Speaking of which, I’m really into this blogger mood lately. I’m back to watching Youtube videos while drinking warm tea, lighting up Bath&Body Works candles in my room, swatching and reswatching all the makeup that I have. You know, the usual
In case you’re the only one left in Dubai who hasn’t been to Tom&Serg, just like I was before this morning, it’s basically a really cosy and simple place with the simplest of all menus that serves fresh food made out of fresh ingredients. It’s no Armani Cafe where everyone is dressed up all fancy and you feel this need to look pretty. No, definitely not. 
It’s so basic that orange juice is served in a jar with, er, the awesomest straw ever? I mean, just look at it. How cute is that? Their orange juice is freshly squeezed, so refreshing, not too sweet and not too sour. Just right.  
My friend took a salted caramel milkshake that came in a carafe with one of their cool straws. Again, so awesome. I had a sip of that milkshake. Hashtag yum. Hashtag to die for. 
I was the only one in the restaurant with a tank for a camera snapping the food and the drinks. People started staring. Nothing weird about that. I managed to take pictures of only what I ordered. For food, I went for the scrambled eggs on toast with mushroom and goat cheese on the side. I’m not a cheese type of gal but this was pretty good. I quite enjoyed the different flavours and definitely didn’t feel that plain egg taste that induces me in a feeling of nausea. I’m no food critic but overall the scrambled eggs get two thumbs up. 
We stayed hours chatting and rambling about random stuff that we decided to take something sweet to break that salty egg aftertaste. One of my friends took a cookie, the other one a chocolate eclair. We were so caught up in our conversation that no reactions/quick reviews were given after devouring the morning dessert. 
However, I just took a coffee, acting like a grown woman *Beyonce playing in the background*. Yes, yes, I do drink coffee. I actually tried to lay off of it for a while and switch to tea as an addiction had started. I went for their Magic 16 which is apparently their signature drink: it has a ratio of froth, milk and espresso. Strong but not bitter. And dear Lord this is probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever drunk. I’m sure it was made by the Gods of coffee themselves. 
Anything else I forgot to point out? Service was good. As for the ambience, it’s a very social and relaxed place. People come here to chat or work while enjoying a good meal. I imagine coming here by myself to work peacefully on blogposts with a cup of coffee in hand. Have a lovely day everyone! 
First picture is not mine – taken from here
– Zein xx

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