My majestic daily life : Breakfast at Mo’s and an OOTD

June 29, 2014

A meal that I love having outside of the house is breakfast. Nothing is more pleasant than changing up what you eat everyday. Who’s with me? *raises hand*. A visit to Mo’s didn’t fail to do so.

Mo’s is a casual restaurant in City Walk that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know a lot of people have been really loving this place, especially for breakfast. I arrived there hungry as wolf and wanted to just about everything on the breakfast menu. What’s the answer to that you ask? Order the Ultimate Breakfast (front picture).

I took my Ultimate Breakfast with scrabbled eggs, pancakes that come with maple syrup and cinnamon butter (yum!), tater tots and veal bacon.

The highlight of my dish was the pancakes. Before commenting on that, I have to say I’m not a fan of pancakes. In general, I think they’re too heavy. I personally prefer french crepes. Taking pancakes was a bit of a wild decision. Thoughts? They. Are. Amazing. I’ve never loved pancakes. Ever. Especially not maple syrup. The result of eating them warm along with the cinnamon butter and the syrup was beyond my expectations.

Er, did I forget to mention anything? Surprisingly, that the bacon was crispy. I didn’t feel the fat in it (something that I hate). But it still had that pleasant and enjoyable bacon flavour.

The bestie took Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Her review was short and sweet: loved it!

Both of us took orange jus. If I’m not mistaken, it’s freshly squeezed. I didn’t feel any pulp in my drink. So good!

After my meal, I took a good cup of cappuccino before leaving as the girl talk kept on going for hours.

Will I go back? Definitely. I’d probably go for the banana pancakes or a burger for lunch next time.

And here’s an outfit du jour, something that doesn’t appear on the blog a lot. I wore a casual Garage maxi dress with a split, Sam Edelman turquoise sandals, a scarf that I got from Italy and my Vanessa Bruno bag. Very chilled out type of outfit.

Can you tell how much I couldn’t be bothered with my hair on that day? I also didn’t have any makeup on. The shame.

About that dress. I normally don’t go to Garage. I went there once with for my little sister and surprisingly enough, I walked out with quite a number of detendu type of items. But be careful of the undergarments that you wear. It shows lines!

Have a great Sunday 🙂

– Zein xx

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