My Majestic Daily Life : Being A Make-Up Artist For A Day

April 5, 2015

Painting faces for fun? Why not? Last week, I was asked to make up more than thirty faces. Yes, thirty.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I love to dance and that the dance crew I’m part of here, in Beirut, performed at the Earth Hour event. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Other than performing, I was put in charge of everyone’s make-up. What an amazing opportunity! I obviously didn’t think it through before taking it head on. In other words, it didn’t turn out as I imagined it in my head. Note: I have a huge imagination.
As we were performing on stage, the lights were my main obstacle. If you’ve already performed on stage or done stage make-up, you’d probably know that the lights wash you out like crazy. It’s not even a joke. The make-up look should be very exaggerated. What’s the solution? Super smokey eyes and emphasized cheeks with heavy contour and blush.
I had performers between the ages of 8 and 21 – talk about a huge generation gap! So I decided to do two different looks: a smokey eye with nude lips for teens and adults (which didn’t show up very smokey in the pictures), and bright pink lips with doll cheeks for the kids. Tada!
The day of the event, I had three assistants/friends who worked with me to make the magic happen. One of them took care of the kids, the second worked with concealer and foundation, and the last one was in charge of lips and cheeks. As for me, I did the eyes. I had two or three hours to get everything done. In my head, that was enough. In reality, these two to three hours involved kids buzzing around me asking me to modify their look, picky teenagers who wanted their look either softer or darker, assistants asking me what’s right and what’s wrong, boys screaming, singing and dancing, and, finally, my personal make-up kit scattered all over the floor. No! Not the make-up! I may have snapped a few times and a few fellow dancers may loathe me now (mostly because I left a little smudge of their faces), but I had to get my job done and make sure everyone looked presentable on stage. Oh and did I mention that I had only two minutes to get my own make-up done?


I was under a lot of pressure and this experience was very hectic. Do I regret it? Of course not. Would I do it again? Surprisingly after all I said, yes. It was fun being Lisa Eldridge for a day, and it’s totally different to work on faces other than yours. I discovered that the look I did on my face would probably not work on someone else’s. I had to adapt the whole look to every eye shape. As nerdy as it may sound, it was fun and educational not only from a make-up artist’s (if I may call myself one) point of view, but also from an I-am-under-pressure-and-everyone-is-annoying-me point of view, you know?

For next time, I should probably prepare my assistants by giving them The Beauty Residence make-up crash course and organize my kit (on a table, preferably) to have a clear vision of everything I’m using.

It was never a dream of mine to pursue my career in make-up artistry, but I’d like to thank Lyne Gandour for broadening my horizons and giving me the opportunity to finally use the famous “I need to buy new make-up” excuse (it’s for a good a cause).

– Zein xx

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