Making my way through summer #1

July 8, 2014

How do you know it’s summer in Dubai? 42 degrees Celsius. Humidity. Sweat. Burning hot. Nevertheless, a summer face is indispensable. I’m thinking Victoria’s Secret Angels summer glow. Almost humanly not possible to achieve. Thank God for makeup!

So I decided to start this little “Making my way through summer series” showing you bit by bit what products I use, how I do my makeup, tips, tricks… during that time of the year.

A few products are on my top list to get that beautiful glow. Starting with the classic Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle by MAC. Ah! Soft and Gentle.. The most talked about highlighter in blogposts and Youtube videos. Why is this especially good for summer, you ask? It’s a powder and lasts longer during summer. 

Another great powder is Jane Iredale’s Moonglow bronzer. I speed reviewed it here. This is stuff is amaze-balls. It immediately gives you a bronzed glow. Personally, I prefer having it on during the evening as it’s pretty shimmery. Like, a lot shimmery. During the day, a bit of that in the hollows of the cheeks or dusted lightly over the cheekbones and apple of the cheeks does the trick. 
Next is the legendary Benefit’s Highbeam. It grabs the perfect amount of light. Not too shimmery, not too subtle. Just right. Actually, the final product is more of a pearly look rather than a shimmer one.

Finally is my new favourite: Copacabana multiple by NARS. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (and if you don’t, then you should) you would know that NARS relaunched recently in Dubai and it had me jumping up and down like a child walking around Disneyland. Plus, I’ve never tried anything from NARS before – there, I said it. So I’m kind of discovering the brand progressively (loving it so far!). Dubai people, make sure you head down to Sephora in october. The NARS counter will be waiting for you.
Back to Copacabana. It gives the perfect amount of radiance, shimmer, glow, sheen. Amazing. Simply amazing. It makes you look awake when you’re not. Perfect for summer!

I’m also loving the NARS illuminator in Hot Sand at the moment. But more on that another time.

How do you achieve a summer glow? Leave a comment below! 🙂 

– Zein xx

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