MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Mini Haul

September 21, 2014

The Sharon & Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection was calling me. The rest is history.

After three visits to MAC in less than an hour,  I managed to make up my mind about which products I really wanted. If I had a millionaire as a father, I would’ve bought the whole collection. The entire collection. I’ve never been that much excited for a MAC collection. I think you can tell.

Kelly had a lot of interesting pieces in her collection (yes, I’m talking about that Kelly Yum Yum lippy) but none of them really complemented my Middle Eastern skin tone. I did get her blush though which was part of my wishlist. And after seeing its name I wanted it even more: Cheeky Bugger. People, I officially own a blush called “bugger”. I can rest in peace in now.

Now, Sharon’s colours suit me more. I had my eye on her MSF in Refresh which is divided in two: bronzer and highlighter. But I also had my eye on the eyeshadow quad, the pinky brown lipgloss and the lipliner. They are SO GORGEOUS! Here’s how I convinced myself to buy the MSF only:

  1. The colours in the quad are a bit too deja vu. It’s the type of colours that are similar to what I have yet very different. 
  2. The lipgloss isn’t a new colour so I might find its dupe elsewhere and I don’t put on that much lipgloss anyways. But it does look amazing on the lips. Still debating weather I should get it or not..
  3. The cranberry lipliner is so beautiful. But again, I never use lipliners so might as well save my money for other goodies. 
Luckily, these collections don’t sell out fast in Lebanon (I like to think they don’t) So I have all the time I need to think about that gloss before getting back to it. And if I do get it, you’ll probably see that guilty pleasure posted on Instagram. 
Have you managed to get your hands on anything from the collection? Let me know if I should get anything else!
– Zein xx

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