I’m Getting Rid Of My Makeup

January 30, 2017

How to Get Rid of Makeup

I have too much makeup. There, I said it. Frankly, there is no space to fit the new goodies. 2017 resolution: get rid of the makeup.

Well… Not exactly.

To solve this first world problem, I have decided that I’m going to use up all of the products that have been already used and loved in the past. These products are usually dumped at the bottom of my makeup drawers, not because they don’t deserve the attention anymore, but because a bunch of junk gets piled up over them.

Here’s what I’m doing…

1. The “Detox”

To start off this cleansing journey, I have already taken out all of the products I don’t see myself using anymore to give or throw away. I still don’t know how that green booger-like eyeshadow ended up in my collection…

2. Stick To A Product

The key to success here is to use one product at a time of each category to make sure it’s fully “consumed”. For example, the first bronzer on the list is NARS Laguna which I’ve hit pan on ages ago (I’ll be scraping off the edges of this baby).

3. Create A Routine 

I don’t care how boring routines are. They’re very helpful. I placed all of the products I currently want to get rid of in a makeup bag that I reach out to everyday. These products form my daily routine. Once I run out of a product, I’ll immediately replace it by another one.

Wish me luck!

How do you control the makeup mess? 

– Zein xx

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  • Reply Athulya Gireesan February 1, 2017 at 9:26 am

    That’s nice. Makes more sense as well. Rather than splurging in everything this detox would help in curbing the splurge.

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