Haul : What I got from Morocco

April 3, 2013

As you may have read here, I spent the last week of March in Morocco with my class. What’s a trip without souvenirs?

Now Morocco is not the ultimate place for shopping. It’s definitely no Paris or Milan.

The reason why you see only two items is because the rest of the things I bought are gift for my friends and family, and boring souvenirs like magnets… What a tourist would typically buy.

After a lot of negotiating with the seller in the souq, I got this purple case which is perfect for makeup (at least my brushes fit in it!). If you’ve already been to Morocco, you would now that all prices have to be negotiated or else you get ripped off big time.

I also got the very famous argan oil! Believe it or not, it’s the first thing I purchased in Morocco. And I bought a bottle of it for each member of my family haha. The ladies at the counter were like: freak much? I also wanted to buy an argan oil based shampoo, conditioner and lip balm but I was scared to run out of space in my luggage. This argan oil is 100% natural made by a women association. Another tip: don’t buy argan oil from Marrakech or any city, make sure it’s from a women association based out of cities.

Have you ever tried argan/moroccan oil? Any handy tips and tricks on how to use it? 

– Zein xx

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  • Reply Salwa Muslimah August 29, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Asalam waliykum,

    I am Moroccan 🙂 and i always buy Argan oil. They sell it in the major super markets! the real deal 750ml for £15 about 200 MDH.

    No special way to use it, just apply to skin. I use it on my face at night. massage a small amount all over the face, give myself a mini massage and then sleep. I noticed dramatic difference in my skin. Acne scars gone and actually helped reduce pimples. I do this every night. If you only have a small amount as you do, then just apply to certain areas on the face. if you are using it as anti aging then apply to the eye area, if you are using it to heal scars then apply just on that area.

    As I got a lot, I mixed Argan oil 80% with Macadamia oil and use it as a hair mask before i wash my hairs. And after washing my hair i apply to wet hair just at the tips and apply this gently.

    If you have stretch marks, then apply to that area once a day or more if you can.

    You can mix argon with another oil to dilute it. That is what they do with Shampoos, conditioners you but from the shops the percentage of Argan content is less then 5%.

    Some people do not like the smell of Argan so you can mix another oil with it such as Lavender or neroli oil.

    I am actually in the process of doing a mini Moroccan haul on my blog. should be up in the next 2 days. Do check it out 🙂


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