Haul : Forever 21, Zara and H&M goodies!

December 7, 2012
I got the chance to go shopping during our long weekend (for national day) and learned two lessons:

1. Always know what you’re searching for before shopping. 
2. Never shop during national holidays. 

Now, you must know that I loath shopping at a Forever 21 store. That’s right, I can’t stand it! The store is so big and there are a lot of clothes. Hence, I can’t always catch the good finds.

But this time I already knew what I wanted and my instincts were telling me that Forever 21 is the place to be! 
Behold! My F21 goodies!

I’ve been wanting a furry vest for a about two years now. Thank God for Forever 21!

Next is a grey sweater with glitter. Normally I’m a size small but I got it in size medium to make sure it was loose and baggy enough as I hoped it would be.

Knitted sweaters are so in right now! This one has the prettiest salmon color and cute detailing from the back. I love how it’s shorter from the front. This is perfectly wearable during this season with Dubai’s actual weather which is being a bit weird these days… Switching from wind and rain to sun and heat.

My last Forever 21 item is pretty boring… Simple black leggings. I got a pair of them just because my old ones had got a hole in them.

Trying to be original with the pictures.. Can’t you tell? lol 

Moving on to Zara. Now here’s the fun part! I’m so excited about what I got from there. Their collection this season is so amazing with a variety of lovely pieces. But decisions had to be made. And I had to regret not buying a few things… C’est la vie! 
This t-shirt is the first thing I spotted when I stepped into the Zara territory. How gorgeous is the gold chain and the black braid? 

Then came in the fitting rooms with me this little baby. I absolutely loved the studs on the shoulders. And, I’ve been keeping my eye on army green shirts.
Please fashion Gods, or whoever is in charge of fashion, keep the studs trendy.

Skinny burgundy pants with a zipper detail near the ankle? Oh, yes please!

And now for the item that don’t show up in the main picture… aka les accessoires!

All of these item are from H&M.
I got the neon bracelet believing I should get out of my comfort zone and go a bit more “bananas” when it comes to accessories.
While waiting in line to pay, they keep stands of accessories next to you, thinking you’re a fool who’ll fall for their little marketing strategies. Was I fool? Of course! Is it surprising? Nooo, typical me 🙂
So I got this pretty gold ring.
And of course, hair ties… I actually needed these. My big curly hair messed up every hair tie in the house.

And last but not least, I got a Zara bag. I walked into the shop at least 3 times during the weekend asking myself “Should I get it? Do I really need it?” .. Of course I need it! Pff!

That is all for now. Happy friday! 🙂

What did you purchase lately? Link the items in the comments below! 

– Zein xx

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  • Reply Sharina December 7, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Gorgeous new clothes!!

    • Reply Zein December 7, 2012 at 9:38 pm

      Thanks <3


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