Get pouty : Review of Benefit’s Ultra Plush in Dandelion

December 2, 2012

Happy national day UAE! It’s been already 41 years! Do you guys have any special plans for today?

So today I’m reviewing the last item from the Benefit kit I got a while ago (finally!) It’s the Dandelion Utlra Plush.

The color of this gloss is supposed to correspond to the actual blush which I reviewed here. Well, to be honest, it’s more peachy than pinky.

I LOVED this gloss ever since I used it (note that I’m not a lipgloss girl). It’s moisturizing and zero stickiness! (++)

The gloss itself is a quite sheer so it can work with any lipstick or simply on its own. I’ve been literally using it every time I would go out with this lipstick. Since it’s a smaller version of the actual tube, I can easily toss it in my bag (yay for go-to products!)

However, few things disturbed me… Ultra Plush?? What the hell? Is it supposed to make my lips look fuller? Well, it didn’t. And I don’t do squeeze tubes (wand applicators ftw!). I just hate using them…

Whatevs, the color pretty 🙂

In daylight

Without flash

With flash

Can you tell how sheer it is?

This will definitely be repurchased, if I manage to get through its smaller version, of course… (Not gonna happen. I never managed to use up a whole tube of lipgloss)

Have you tried this gloss or any other from the same line? Leave a comment below with your thoughts 🙂 

– Zein xx 

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