Get Pouty : Bourjois Lip Liner in Berry Much

December 6, 2014

We owe it to Kylie Jenner for bringing back the lip liner trend. I didn’t really believe in the magic of lip liners until I saw it. Truth.

Bourjois came up with a lip liner called Berry Much. A berry beautiful deep berry colour. It promises long wear, definition and a barrier effect to prevent lipstick from bleeding.
The formula is extremely creamy. Maybe too creamy for what it’s supposed to be. It can be easily mistaken for an ordinary lipstick once on the lips. It even has a bit of a glossiness to it. Nevertheless it still has that stick-to-the-lips liner feel to it, you know?


The gorgeousness of the colour complements my green eyes very well *blinks several times* and the consistency is so buttery that it facilitates application. The colour can be built up or toned down which leaves you with a palette of different tones to play with. But, and there’s always a “but”, the liner does not last long enough.
Disappointing, isn’t it?
Now, I haven’t tried it with a lipstick. But on its own, it wears off after one meal. The definition of the line is lost after a few hours: the formula is so hydrating that the skin starts to suck the product in.


Back to the magic of the lip liner. I’ve never seen my lips that full! You know where my money will be spent in the near future.
Have you ever tried lip liners? Any favorites? 
– Zein xx

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