Fragrance of the moment : The Beat by Burberry

June 6, 2012

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I didn’t talk to you guys! And I’m terribly sorry! It’s just that I’ve been caught up with school and homework…
Today I wanted to share with you the scent that I have been loving at the moment.
It’s The Beat by Burberry. This perfume has been an all-time favorite of mine! I’ve went through three bottles of these! Yes, THREE BOTTLES! Every time I buy a new perfume, I tend to choose a scent that I’ve never tried before, but I always go back to this one! At the moment I’m using it again and I love it!!

I love the packaging of this product. It’s very simple and chic. And the little loose strap with the brand name adds a touch of elegance to it! Of course, they are different sizes of bottles but all of them are suitable for traveling or just tossing them in your handbag. I use the “eau de parfum”, so it’s the perfume bottle with the metal cap, not the white cap.

Now you all probably know that I suck at describing fragrances, so I’m just going to go ahead and give you the description on the Burberry website:
“An intense energetic scent with warm top notes of bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and mandarin. Heart notes of Ceylon tea, iris and bluebell add a floral texture. White musk, vetiver and cedar wood give depth to this sensual fragrance.”
It’s the beat floral scent I’ve tried! I would recommend this to anyone (over 14 at least). But if you think that the fragrance is too strong for you, you can check out the “eau de toilette” version of it (bottle with the white cap), which is supposed to be a bit fresher and lighter. Personally, I’ve never smelled it before but I’m sure that it smells as great as the eau de parfum!

This perfume is a day to night perfume, it’s great for both! Every time I have it on, I get a lot of compliments!

You can find The Beat by Burberry by clicking here or at Sephora and department stores.

What’s your all-time favorite scent? Tell me in the comments bellow 🙂 

– Zein xx

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