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Skincare : Review of Purity by Philosophy

May 20, 2012
Hello lovelies! How was your week-end?
Today I’m reviewing this product called Purity by Philosophy. I bought the 8 oz bottle to try it out because I’ve heard great things about it.

Philosophy is a skincare brand suitable for all skin type and specially for sensitive skin. 
Now if you already know me, you might know that I used to have sever acne. But now I’m under doctor’s subscription and I’m taking these pills called Roaccutane. It’s been four months and my acne is already gone, I still have two more months to go! Yeppi! (happy jump!). Now I have normal to combination skin in summer and normal to dry skin in winter. Before the treatment I used to have really oily skin trough out the year, and I used to use a face cleanser by Bioderma called Sebium. It worked like a charm when I had oily skin. But when I used it during my treatment (which tends to dry my face), my face got so dry that it hurt. Plus, this treatment made not only my skin, but my whole body as well sensitive. So I have to be extra careful with what I use on my face, what I eat, bla bla bla… But that’s not the point. 
The point is, I bought this new face cleanser that I’m reviewing today. I love that it’s more than that! It’s a cleanser, a makeup remover and a toner! (+++) How awesome??! I was on a hunt for the perfect toner, I was relieved that it was included in this product. 
It was really weird to use it as it doesn’t foam once you start rubbing it on your face. 
After using it, I felt that my face was stretched as it would be after I wash it normally, but it wasn’t to stretched to the point of being dry.
I tried to remove makeup with it. To be honest, it removes your makeup in a rather strange way. It kind of melts it. Weird, I know. But it wipes of foundation really well, it removes mascara as well as waterproof makeup. If you have a lot of makeup on, I probably wouldn’t recommend using this product.
In Dubai, a bottle of 8 oz costs AED95, however in the USA (according to the philosophy official web page – linked down bellow) the same bottle is worth $20, which is nearly AED74. 
Needless to say, I love this product even though I’ve used it only for three days! I’ve noticed a lot of changes, specially on my T-zone where my pores are quite large. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be repurchasing it after I go through my first bottle.
I use this product in the morning and at night and I’m really enjoying it! 
Two thumbs up for Purity! I’m already convinced that Philosophy is a great brand! I might go back and purchase their exfoliator (I can’t remember its name), the lady at the counter told me that it’s also amazing stuff!
P.S: I love the fact that put a little philosophical text at the front. It sounds so deep! :’) 
This product can be found here and at Sephora in Dubai, UAE. 

What is you favorite cleanser at the moment? Tell me it comments bellow!

– Zein xx