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My majestic daily life : LCF Makeup short course

May 21, 2013
London College of Fashion was kind enough to invite me to one of their short courses called “Introduction to makeup (15-18 year olds)” that was held in the hotel Dusit Thani. The celebrity makeup artist who was explaining and giving us instructions about makeup basics was Lucy Wearing, Rita Ora’s makeup artist.

My makeup station
My makeup station

Besides all the “students” sitting around mirrors waiting for the course to start, the first thing I noticed was all the MAC products on the tables in the center of the room. It was makeup heaven!

Getting my makeup done

Lucy showed us two different looks. The first one was a Stella McCartney and runway inspired look that consisted of a natural/healthy/dewy looking skin and bright lips. Being a celebrity makeup artist, Lucy shared her best tricks with us in order to achieve flawless looking skin: mixing colors and tints to correct and conceal, match foundations, illuminating the skin, making it look healthy, etc. 
The first look I did 
The first look I did 

The second look was more concentrated on eyes. Lucy showed us a very smokey eye look with dramatic false lashes and major contouring. She kept the lips subtle to drag all the attention to the eyes. 


The second look – what Lucy did
After each demonstration, we worked in pairs and recreated the look on our partner. I was so nervous as it was my first time doing makeup on someone that I didn’t know at all. I have to admit, it was a bit awkward standing in front of the model’s face while applying false lashes thinking I was creating a mess. Turns out I didn’t do a very bad job after all. If I may say, the second look that I recreated turned quite nice and I completely forgot to snap a picture of it. 
Lailli doing makeup

I’ve met very nice people at this course, including Lucy and the fashionista Lailli Mirza from Pintsized Fashionista

With Lucy Wearing

If you are interested in makeup or want to pursue a career in makeup, I highly recommend this course for you (wether you know how to apply makeup or not). After listening to all of Lucy’s stories, this course made me want to become a makeup artist (not likely to happen, haha!). But, after getting a closer look into the industry, I’m sure that I want to pursue my career in it. 

Click here to know more about the course. 
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Meeting the benebabes Annie and Maggie from Benefit

April 4, 2013

I’ve already shared with you my love for Benefit Cosmetics. Wether it’s the quality of the product or the packaging, I’m always sold! I was over the moon when I knew that the global ambassadors where coming to town.

Annie and Maggie are the daughters of the founders of Benefit. They came to Dubai this week to promote the new Benefit product “Fakeup” which is a concealer pre launching one month before the actual launch, in Sephora The Dubai Mall on friday (tomorrow!). Make sure you’re there! 
The two ladies are super gorgeous and tall! The first thing I noticed when I saw them yesterday was how well they maintain their skin in good condition. With foundation, their skin looked literally photoshopped.

Annie working her magic on a client

Both were so busy with clients and makeovers. I managed to get a small talk with Maggie. Turns out she has oily skin too, so she immediately understood what was good or bad for my skin. She started by filling in my eyebrows with Browzings, a wax and a powder compact (note: I already had my makeup done, but forgot to fill in my brows). She said that the best way to get the most natural result out of it is by mixing the two products together and not applying them in two different steps (1. wax; 2. powder).

I saw Posietint on the makeup station and thought I would ask her to demonstrate how to apply it properly. I wrote a review about this product showing hatred: it looked patchy and it emphasized my pores. According to Maggie (and all Benefit fans), the only way to minimize the pores is to apply Porefessional. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? With Porefessional as a base, Posietint went on super smoothly. She applied both products over my makeup and it looked pretty nice.

The makeup station

I also asked Maggie to give me a little preview of the new concealer. Apparently, it was a huge hit in the USA and even though it’s extra hydrating it works perfectly on oily skin. Can’t wait to get my hands on that baby!

While I was at a Benefit counter, I thought I would buy a They’re Real mascara that I’ve tried once in the past and that I’ve loved. I also got a cute Benefit goodie bag with little samples of Porefessional and They’re Real. Who doesn’t love a good goodie bag, eh? 😉 

I also saw the makeup artist and beauty blogger Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty again. Always a pleasure to see her! She mentioned me in her latest blogpost because I always ask about her lipstick color, lol! Check her post by clicking here.

After getting your makeover done by the ladies, you can have your picture taken with them and the girl from the They’re Real campaign as the background. How cute!

It was a pleasure meeting all of them. I had fun talking to Maggie. Thank you Benefit for organizing this lovely meet-up!

I met Maggie and Annie at Faces Mall of the Emirates. You can still catch them today at the Brow Bar and tomorrow for Fakeup launch from 10 am to 6 pm at Sephora The Dubai Mall. 

What’s your favorite Benefit product? How do you like to apply it? Leave a comment below 🙂 
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : My trip to Morocco

March 31, 2013

My teachers organized a little voyage to Morocco for my class. Was I excited about it? Hell yes. You might already know that I was absent last week if you follow me on Twitter. That week was by far the most adventurous week I’ve been through during my entire life.

The point of this trip was discovering new cultures. So this including meeting a lot of little cute children! 

We first arrived in Marrakech where we spent a night. The city is beautiful. They preserved its architecture and color which is red. The red represents earth, soil and iron. Of course, one of the first things we did is visit the very famous souq. Girls don’t walk on your own in there! There is a lot of pickpocketing happening and the way sellers attract a lady’s attention is a bit inappropriate. My friends and I got a few funny comments “hello Miss France”, “my little white cheese” just to name a few. However, nothing dangerous happens. The city is safe if you keep your eyes open. In the souq, I felt like I was in the movie Aladdin when princess Jasmine escapes from the palace. Only difference is I’m no princess…

We also went hiking to reach a few villages we stayed in. Yes, hiking includes hideous hiking shoes. Ugh.. So unattractive. But trust me, when you’re hiking better wear ridiculous clothes than getting injured or ruining the best clothes you have. 
We made new friends. Say hi to Gerard! 
In the villages we went to a school and met cute kids (who made fun of me – how lovely…) and had a Moroccan bath which is something everyone should do at least once per year. You can’t imagine what came out of my body! After the bath, I felt that I was completely clean and that I had a new skin. 
We also got to meet the ones in charge of the village who explained to us how they got water and electricity without the help or the government. 
The Moroccans that I met are so nice and welcoming. They immediately understood that we came from Dubai where “cold” is nowhere to be found. Well, except for a guy responsible of the “hotel” we stayed in when we were in the highest village of Morocco. He didn’t want to give us wood to do a fire and we were freezing! Such an ass. 
Speaking of the weather… It was sunny with a bit of wind. The weather was perfect. But on the day we went for the biggest hike, it started with a sunny morning. As we got higher and higher up the mountains, we felt the cold progressively taking over our bodies. Then we went through a hailstorm. Then we went through rain (and I mean showers). Then we went through snow. Sun, wind, rain, hailstorm and snow in one day. I was over the moon! (can you tell that I’ve lived in Dubai for a very long time?) It’s crazy what nature is capable of doing. 
The food was so good and their mint tea is lovely! But I’ve had enough of chicken, couscous and tea for a week. 
Moroccan appetizers
Morocco has a completely different civilization. This trip made me discover a lot of new things and taught me how live on my own. It also got me closer to people who I barely talked to. And the fact that I traveled with my friends made everything extra fun. I would definitely do this again.
Haul coming soon 😉 
P.S: because of all that hiking we did, my face and my hands are super tanned but my legs are supper pale. I look funny in a swimsuit.
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Huda Beauty Lashes Launch!

February 23, 2013

I’m sure most of you know Huda from Well, this gorgeous makeup artist launched her lash line last wednesday!
An event has been organized at Sephora, The Dubai Mall, exclusively for this launch. Next to every makeup counter you would see a “Huda Beauty” sign. She named a few of her lashes after her family members’ middle name according to the look: Alyssa, Monique (her sisters) and Giselle (her daughter).

Huda is such a sweet person! She obviously didn’t have enough time to sit down with every and each one of her followers/fans/clients and chat about makeup for hours (something I would love to do one day!). She was really busy and everyone wanted to talk to her. I got the chance to meet her and have a little 5 minute talk too.

Before chatting with the star of night, I picked up two pairs of Giselle lashes (one for my mom and one for me). Huda always wears these lashes in her blog pictures and they look absolutely gorgeous! So I’m really excited about finally owning them! She recommended the “Coco Jo” lashes for me because I have rather long lashes.

Yes my dear friends, I ended up buying the Coco Jo (top) along with Giselle (bottom)… I couldn’t resist.

I overheard a few of her conversations with other girls. She said that she had three pairs of lashes on! Cray cray. But her makeup looked beautiful! It was a bit too dramatic for me though. I’m sure I wouldn’t pull off that kind of look. She also shared a few tips on how to apply lashes (you can check her videos to know more about that).

And of course, meeting Mona, her sister, was a must. She’s the co-founder of the Doll House, a beauty salon in Jumeirah which does awesome nail art. I loved her earrings!

As for my makeup, I applied All That Glitters by MAC all over my lid and Satin Taupe on my outer-corner and lower lash line. The thick Blacktrack line dragged all the attention to my eyes while I kept the lips subtle with the simple Dandelion gloss by Benefit. A good coat of masacara, a hint of blush, a sprinkle of highlighter and I was out the door!

So as I said earlier, I was so excited for this launch. Huda has been talking about these lashes for a year now and I always thought they looked amazing on her. Plus, I finally met her (one thing to cross off my bucket list!).

Have a great end of weekend! (depending on where you live)

Which lashes did you get? What do you think of the line? 

P.S: Don’t mind my not so presentable and tired look. At that moment, I came back from a loooong day at school.

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Getting pampered at The Nail Spa

December 20, 2012

By the end of every year, I redeem my loyalty card points at The Nail Spa where you can find all kind of treatments: refreshing, relaxing, moisturizing… You name it, they have it! This year, I went for the very well known Paraffin Therapy treatment for my hands and feet followed by a manicure. What’s a trip to The Nail Spa without getting your nails done?

Before introducing Paraffin, let me just say that they have the best service on earth! I’ve tried different nail salons in Dubai and Beirut, The Nail Spa is by far the winner. It is really “perfection at your fingertips”, as they would say it.

Back to the Paraffin Therapy! It’s basically a soothing and revitalizing treatment for hands and feet.
A few days ago, my friend told me that this treatment would cause nail breakage. Of course, I ignored her. I just wanted to get pampered :p

The procedure

Step 1: They start my scrubing your feet and your hands until they reach the elbow.

Step 2: They apply oil (wasn’t curious enough to ask what kind of oil it was) to your hands and feet.

Step 3: They place the areas covered in oil in plastic bag filled with hot wax that includes essential oils for the skin.

Step 4: They let it set for a few minutes in some sort of glove. I obviously couldn’t take a picture of my hands. But let me just tell you, I felt like the Teletubbies for a moment there (no fingers!)

Step 5: After that the wax is set. They slide out the “glove” and remove the remaining wax stuck between your fingers and nails.

Step 6: *TheBestPart!* They finish off by moisturizing the area with a little massage.

Et voila!

Of course, I had a little manicure done right after the treatment. But that will be another post 😉

Click here to know more about The Nail Spa.

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : I got my makeup done by a MUA for the first time!

December 17, 2012
The beauty store Faces in Mall of the Emirates was offering a complimentary full makeup and nails session. I thought that this was the perfect occasion to get my makeup done by a makeup artist for the first time. I was so I excited that I expected myself to walk out of the store feeling like Queen Bee. Well, it didn’t exactly turn out like that… 

The brand in charge of the makeup was Make Up Forever. As for nails, Ciate  was lacquering up those finger tips.

I was definitely more excited about getting my nails done because I’ve been wanting to try out this brand for quite a long time now. 
I started by getting my makeup done. There were two makeup artist doing the job (a guy and a lady). The lady had a rather “terrifying” makeup look. She had overdrawn black eyebrows, black eyeliner which was so thick that it reached her crease and, of course, an overdrawn upper lip with a hot pink color all over the lips topped with a weirdly applied lipgloss (I don’t even know how that’s possible). 
I was so relieved when I knew that the MUA doing my makeup was the guy. *thankgod!*
He started by telling me that the theme of the day was “dark smokey”, what I planned to ask him not to do. So he told me that he’ll do a natural matte look with a winged eyeliner. Perfect! I immediately imagined it in my head: celebrity look, natural beauty… 
Everything was looking great: neutral matte colors, perfect eyeliner, flawless skin, great contouring… Then he got the idea of making my eye color pop. He took a vibrant purple color (oh dear god) and applied it under my lower waterline. It actually turned out really nice! 
Then comes the disappointing part… He started darkening up the under eye area. The word “natural” wasn’t suitable for this look anymore. Then, he emphasized my crease by creating another one (which is a bit higher than my natural crease) with black eyeshadow. To add the cherry on top, he applied a vibrant pink eyeshadow, yes PINK, between the brow bone and the crease. I looked at him and curiously asked “how is this supposed to be a natural look?” 
Poor guy, obviously knew that I wasn’t fully satisfied. 
On to the brows. Oh no, I’m sorry. I mean, on to the big brown blocks. Can’t he thicken them up just a bit more? Well, it’s not entirely his fault, my eyebrows are hard to work with anyway. You know how we say “eyebrows are sisters and not twins”. Mine were none of the above: they were stepsisters. 
For the lips, he used a very light barbie pink color that he mixed with a gorgeous lip liner! Again, the lipstick terrified me a bit. But it looked quite good. 
As I said in one of my tweets, I thought that I looked like a drag queen until I arrived home where I took back my words. I had a closer look to it, it was actually not that bad. It was a still too dramatic for me. But the green in my eyes really popped! So “chapeau” for that! 
However, the face was very well done! I loved everything about it: the contouring, the highlighting, the blush, the flawlessness. 
I instagramed what I thought was a mess and surprisingly I got sweet and kind comments from a few of you (thank you!).
It’s actually fun to have your makeup done by someone else for a change. You learn a few tricks and get to have play with colors that you would have never used before (example: purple eyeshadow under my eyes). As Aseya told me “That’s actually why I like getting my makeup done, they do things I would never think of. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!
I feel so bad for making the guy think he did a crapy job although a SA told me that this is the best look that he has done yet. I guess, I’m not used to these kind of looks.

As for my nails, I didn’t get them done as I rushed back home to get my makeup off. Lol! 

How did your 1st professional makeup session turn out to be? Let me know your experience in the comments below! 🙂 
– Zein xx 

My majestic daily life : Meeting makeup artist SJ Froom at Sephora!

December 8, 2012

I got the chance to meet Bare Mineral’s makeup artist SJ Froom (short for Sarah-Jane) at Sephora in Mall of the Emirates. I attended one of her Master Classes yesterday where she introduced Bare Mineral’s new line “Ready” which just launched in Dubai. It was really a fun experience AND we went back home with goodie bags!

The ready line is pressed version of their products which are loose powders and, to be honest, the reason why I never bought anything from Bare Minerals.

SJ is the sweetest, funniest, nicest lady I’ve ever met! And OMG she’s so gorgeous and has great taste when it comes to fashion! I love what she was wearing on that day but I was too shy to ask her where were her dress and vest from. 
Right after saying hi, she immediately told me “I LOVE your bag!”. I was wearing this bag. And when I thanked her for the session, before saying bye, she looked at her assistant and told her “Remind me to go to Zara later”. Apparently she spotted my bag when I first walked into the store. Of course, this made my day! 😀 
The lovely SJ started by introducing the brand and the products for the ones who never tried anything from Bare Minerals before (yes, I’m concerned). Then she started demonstrating different makeup looks with products from the Ready line. 
The first tip she gave us was “less is always more and a little goes a long way”. 
She explained to us how to apply everything from primer to lipgloss in order to achieve the perfect look! While working on clients, she took the time answer our questions. What’s so beautiful about her is that she would describe the imperfections in our features as if they were the source of our beauty!
For example, my eyes tend to look pulled down if I apply too much makeup underneath the eyes. So I asked her what would work best in that area. After explaining what I have to do, she said “Oh! You have lovely eyes!”. And yes, this made my day too!
SJ is such a wonderful lady, it’s so much fun to listen to her. She’s really beautiful from the outside and from the inside. 
As I said earlier, we all walked out of the store with goodie bags! They included: All-Over face color in Glee, Lipgloss in Honey Bun, Flawless definition volumizing mascara and a little makeup bag. 
While I was at Sephora, I stopped at the Urban Decay booth to pick up a new Eyeshadow primer potion as mine COMPLETELY dried out. Can’t live without this stuff! 
A big thank you to Sephora who had given me the opportunity to meet SJ, she’s really adorable! I’ll be definitely checking out Bare Mineral products from now on! 
You can catch SJ today at Sephora in The Dubai Mall, she’ll help you with finding the right products for you!

Enjoy your Saturday and the last bit of the weekend! (if you’re living in the UAE)  
– Zein xx 

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My majestic daily life : What happens when I wake up early…

October 30, 2012

I woke up at 6 am this morning, which is an hour and a half ago as we speak, and desperately wanted to go back to sleep.

I’m just warning you that I don’t know where I’m going with this blogpost…

After 20 minutes of admiring the sunrise, I finally decided to hop on my feet and do myself and nice hot  cup of coffee. Well, I didn’t really hop.. I was more pushing myself to walk to the kitchen. 
Coffee done. Now what? 
I wasn’t just going to start my school homework at 6:30 am! (My school is one of the 2 or 3 schools in Dubai that has a week off). Plus, I’m too tired to do anything that involves thinking. And no, I’m not really thinking while typing this… This is how tired I am! 
So I decided to write a post to my lovely followers. I wasn’t in the mood to talk about makeup (a post like that will be up later today or tomorrow). And now here I am, telling you guys what happened to me today ever since I woke up. 
Here are the highlights of my month: 
  1. I’m officially an iPhone girl now!! *happydance* But I didn’t get the new one.. Didn’t like it as much as I still like the 4s. And nothing has really changed expect for the fact that it’s thinner, breakable and scratch prone. I wasn’t going to pay 2000 extra dirhams to get a phone that is likely to break easily with the exact same features than the old one. 
  2. I finally have a week off (as I mentioned above). The beginning of this year has just been a pain in my behind. 
  3. I received the Tom Ford blush (picture above) that I won from the sweet beauty blogger Mai. Click here to check out her blog, I love it! I mentioned that I won this blush in this post. 
  4. Halloween is in a few days! Who’s excited?? I still don’t know what I’m going to dress up as.. Lol! Can anyone help me?
  5. My bestest friend in the world.. no.. the UNIVERSE (I think I have alien friends) is visiting Dubai this week! I hope I have free time to spend it with him. 
How do you like my ombre text?
If you followed me on Twitter and/or Instagram you would already know 2 or 3 highlights out of these 5. 
Btw! Now that I have an iPhone, I feel that I’m posting more picture on Instagram. I’m really enjoying that!
C’est tout pour le moment mes amis! 
Have a lovely day sweeties! 
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Where have I been??

September 21, 2012

Hey everyone!

No, I’m not dead… I’ve just been a really busy bee since the beginning of the month. School started and I’ve been sleeping everyday at very late hours to finish my homework. I don’t even have time to do my own makeup in the morning. I would just go with a “naked” face to school, the horror.

I know I haven’t been blogging lately but I swear that I will be very soon (a blogger’s promise that might be broken..). I have A LOT of posts that are still drafts, so they’ll be hopefully be up in no time. And I have a huge list of products that I need to review and ideas that I need to blog about.

Little highlight of the month: I won a Tom Ford blush of my choice from the awesome beauty blogger Mai. Can’t wait to share it with you! I’m so excited!! I’ve tweeted about it a week ago, I think…
Check out Mai’s blog, she’s really awesome: Delyteful Speaks

Well, that’s all for now my lovelies. If you have any post requests just leave them in the comments below!

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Update!

August 11, 2012

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m such a bad blogger!
The thing is, I’ve been a busy bee for several weeks and I’m super tired right now.
And I’m sick.


I’ve been disconnected from the world. I think you’ve noticed from the lack of tweets.
I hope you understand what I’m going through!
I’ll be blogging as soon as possible. I miss it a lot!

Have a great week lovelies!

– Zein xx