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My majestic daily life : Breakfast at Mo’s and an OOTD

June 29, 2014

A meal that I love having outside of the house is breakfast. Nothing is more pleasant than changing up what you eat everyday. Who’s with me? *raises hand*. A visit to Mo’s didn’t fail to do so.

Mo’s is a casual restaurant in City Walk that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know a lot of people have been really loving this place, especially for breakfast. I arrived there hungry as wolf and wanted to just about everything on the breakfast menu. What’s the answer to that you ask? Order the Ultimate Breakfast (front picture).

I took my Ultimate Breakfast with scrabbled eggs, pancakes that come with maple syrup and cinnamon butter (yum!), tater tots and veal bacon.

The highlight of my dish was the pancakes. Before commenting on that, I have to say I’m not a fan of pancakes. In general, I think they’re too heavy. I personally prefer french crepes. Taking pancakes was a bit of a wild decision. Thoughts? They. Are. Amazing. I’ve never loved pancakes. Ever. Especially not maple syrup. The result of eating them warm along with the cinnamon butter and the syrup was beyond my expectations.

Er, did I forget to mention anything? Surprisingly, that the bacon was crispy. I didn’t feel the fat in it (something that I hate). But it still had that pleasant and enjoyable bacon flavour.

The bestie took Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Her review was short and sweet: loved it!

Both of us took orange jus. If I’m not mistaken, it’s freshly squeezed. I didn’t feel any pulp in my drink. So good!

After my meal, I took a good cup of cappuccino before leaving as the girl talk kept on going for hours.

Will I go back? Definitely. I’d probably go for the banana pancakes or a burger for lunch next time.

And here’s an outfit du jour, something that doesn’t appear on the blog a lot. I wore a casual Garage maxi dress with a split, Sam Edelman turquoise sandals, a scarf that I got from Italy and my Vanessa Bruno bag. Very chilled out type of outfit.

Can you tell how much I couldn’t be bothered with my hair on that day? I also didn’t have any makeup on. The shame.

About that dress. I normally don’t go to Garage. I went there once with for my little sister and surprisingly enough, I walked out with quite a number of detendu type of items. But be careful of the undergarments that you wear. It shows lines!

Have a great Sunday 🙂

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Breakfast at Tom&Serg

April 30, 2014

So I went for breakfast at Tom&Serg this morning with my two best friends, a very well known restaurant that has been getting all the buzz all over social media lately. I, of course, got my camera along. How blogger of me.

Speaking of which, I’m really into this blogger mood lately. I’m back to watching Youtube videos while drinking warm tea, lighting up Bath&Body Works candles in my room, swatching and reswatching all the makeup that I have. You know, the usual
In case you’re the only one left in Dubai who hasn’t been to Tom&Serg, just like I was before this morning, it’s basically a really cosy and simple place with the simplest of all menus that serves fresh food made out of fresh ingredients. It’s no Armani Cafe where everyone is dressed up all fancy and you feel this need to look pretty. No, definitely not. 
It’s so basic that orange juice is served in a jar with, er, the awesomest straw ever? I mean, just look at it. How cute is that? Their orange juice is freshly squeezed, so refreshing, not too sweet and not too sour. Just right.  
My friend took a salted caramel milkshake that came in a carafe with one of their cool straws. Again, so awesome. I had a sip of that milkshake. Hashtag yum. Hashtag to die for. 
I was the only one in the restaurant with a tank for a camera snapping the food and the drinks. People started staring. Nothing weird about that. I managed to take pictures of only what I ordered. For food, I went for the scrambled eggs on toast with mushroom and goat cheese on the side. I’m not a cheese type of gal but this was pretty good. I quite enjoyed the different flavours and definitely didn’t feel that plain egg taste that induces me in a feeling of nausea. I’m no food critic but overall the scrambled eggs get two thumbs up. 
We stayed hours chatting and rambling about random stuff that we decided to take something sweet to break that salty egg aftertaste. One of my friends took a cookie, the other one a chocolate eclair. We were so caught up in our conversation that no reactions/quick reviews were given after devouring the morning dessert. 
However, I just took a coffee, acting like a grown woman *Beyonce playing in the background*. Yes, yes, I do drink coffee. I actually tried to lay off of it for a while and switch to tea as an addiction had started. I went for their Magic 16 which is apparently their signature drink: it has a ratio of froth, milk and espresso. Strong but not bitter. And dear Lord this is probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever drunk. I’m sure it was made by the Gods of coffee themselves. 
Anything else I forgot to point out? Service was good. As for the ambience, it’s a very social and relaxed place. People come here to chat or work while enjoying a good meal. I imagine coming here by myself to work peacefully on blogposts with a cup of coffee in hand. Have a lovely day everyone! 
First picture is not mine – taken from here
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : The opening of Ricci Capricci beauty salon

December 23, 2013

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the opening of Ricci Capricci at Conrad hotel. It’s a family owned beauty salon in which women can take refuge to get pampered from head to toe.

It’s a very cosy place with a quite interesting interior: its classic feminine design blends modern lines and a harmony of colours. 
The salon offers a wide range of services such as hair treatments, colouring, cutting, styling, manicures, pedicures and makeovers. 
At the event, they offered hairstyling, makeovers and polish change. I got my nails done and chose to go for a clean nail look. The colour I picked up was Marshmallow by Essie. I must admit, it was one of the most relaxing polish changes of my life. Instead of having normal spa chairs, Ricci Capricci has massage chairs. Yes, you read that right. Massage chairs. I’ve never seen this before in Dubai, unless I’m blind. I’m sure a full mani/pedi would be a one way ticket to heaven.

I had a little sneak peek at the makeovers which are in a separate room. The makeup artist is very talented. I really liked her work.
As for hair, everyone at the event had perfect looking hair thanks to the hairdressers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hair done. I had to rush back home and work on a school presentation (very interesting, I know). However, I sent mother dear to get her hair done the next day as she had a little party to attend. We both agreed that her hair ended up looking lovely. 
Ricci Capricci is now open at Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road (+971 4 352 1333).
– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Getting pampered at Turkuaz House

December 2, 2013

It’s a very festive and eventful week for Dubai which included a very long weekend. I got 5 days off. I must admit, I love this country! To prepare for the celebrations and the numerous outings that were planned, I went down to a new salon in town called Turkuaz House.

I’ve heard about this salon through twitter and instagram before. It offers a variety of services going from turkish hammams to mani/pedis to facials to blow-dries to makeup. The list can go on and on. 
I was first warmly welcomed at the entrance and lead to a cosy waiting room before hitting the manicure station. Different nail polish brands were available a part from Essie which is a bit of a change compared to all the salons in Dubai. I’m quite happy with the shade I chose. In the spirit of the coldish weather – not so cold this week – I went for OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, a colour that I’ve never picked up before. During the manicure, they gave me headphones to distract me with a Nicholas Cage movie. I find that it’s a great idea especially when the process takes time. The final product was flawless. I didn’t think the nail polish colour would end up as black. I expected a bit of bordeaux to pop out, but that’s fine. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the manicure station as there were other clients getting their nails done. Sorry!

Then I went to get my hair done and asked for natural looking curls/waves. The stylist started by straightening the curly mess on my head. And then, with a large curling iron, she curled up my hair beautifully. The blow-dry lasted quite a while for the frizzy hair that I’ve got. Although I wish I had told her to tease my hair a bit to add extra oomph to it. Here’s a picture of the hair that I posted on instagram right after the beautifying session.

The ambiance was lovely, very calm and quiet. I walked out of the salon with polished fingertips and big bouncy hair. Perfect start for a long weekend, eh? Another great salon in Dubai that I definitely recommend. Thank you Turkuaz House for kindly inviting me. 

What were you up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Turkuaz House? 

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day 2

October 22, 2013
What a day! I don’t even know where to start… Day 2 was the busiest day out of the four days of Fashion Forward, for me. I was juggling between meeting new people, attending fashion shows as well as fashion talks. I sound like the busiest women on earth who jumps from a task to another. It’s really not like that actually. Haha! I have to be completely honest from the start: there were a lot of ups and downs… Make sure you keep reading until the end to know what I wore on that day.

My day started with the Reem Al Kanhal fashion show. I’m no fashion savvy, but I must admit that it was a bit of a disappointment for me. The models looked like they were wearing bedsheets. However, I love the simplicity and the calmness of the collection which is why there are a few pieces that I really liked. She stuck to the simple side of things with the makeup and went for the “no makeup” makeup look with a pop of purple eyshadow. Here are my favourite looks.

This disappointment was quickly forgotten with Dima Ayad’s show. I absolutely loved every single piece designed. She based all of her designs on a tribal print which was matched with fun and fresh colours for summer. I’ll be definitely checking out this collection for my SS14 shopping spree. The models’ makeup was a mix of seriousness and fun: winged eyeliner with a good amount of bronzer to make the face look thiner and bright red lips. Love love love!
I attended a fashion talk in which the fashion designer Nanette Lepore talked about manufacturing locally. It’s nothing that concerns me as I have no intention of being a fashion designer at the moment (or any other kind of manufacturer). She told us her story of how she became a successful designer herself. And said something quite smart that no one would say in this city: “think small before you think big. Because thinking big can scare you”. Well that’s something they don’t teach us in Dubai! It was a very interesting talk and I’ve definitely learned a lot. 
After that, I attented the Toujouri show – another disappointment. A lot of people have liked this collection but it’s definitely not in cohesion with my personal taste. As for makeup, it’s another form of the “no makeup” makeup look with soft brown eyes, pink cheeks and fuchsia accents on the center of the lower lip. Here are a few outfits that were presented to us. 
Madiyah Al Sharqi’s show was the next one to showcase. Apparently, this was a very much awaited show. I must admit, I’m not familiar with her work but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they were huge fans of what she does. Overall, the pastel collection was nice. I’m not very sure how I feel about it… I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. However I loved the makeup. I think it suits the collection perfectly: clear skin with a lot of highlighting (cheekbones, inner corners) and soft pink cheeks. Indeed, we saw the “no makeup” makeup look again. The first picture of the post was taken at that show. 
The final fashion show was Charbel Zoe. He dressed Yasmine Petty that night, the world’s most famous transgender (who just liked two of my instagram pictures, as I’m writing this – freaky). His pieces involved a lot of bling and massive flowers and feathers sticking out of models’ derrieres. Definitely not something I would wear! I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. The models had gorgeous makeup that consisted of very smokey winged eyes and nude lips. 

I spent most of my day with the lovely fashion blogger Myriam from Fashion Laboratoire and her friends.

Picture taken from Myriam

I even met a few of my favourite bloggers: Ascia from The Hybrid in a Headpiece and Nadya from The Fierce Diairies. I totally had a fan moment right there!

What I wore: top and necklace: Forever 21 – skirt and heels: Mango – clutch: Longchamp.

Picture taken from Myriam

I tried using the Sleep in Rollers as you can see in the following picture that I also posted on Instagram before Fashion Forward day 2. Unfortunately, I ended up with only one big bouncy curl as I removed all of the rollers incorrectly. Better luck next time… FOTD post will be up soon. Stay tuned!

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day 1

October 17, 2013

Hmm… The Beauty Residence attending a four day fashion event. Doesn’t sound right. But change is good, I like a little change. When I knew that Fashion Forward is hosting season 2, I immediately felt the need of being at that event. So TBR (cool abbreviation for The Beauty Residence) is opening up to fashion!

Fashion Forward’s second season launched 15th Octobre showcasing emerging regional designers. Fashion shows and fashion talks are held throughout the day. I personally find the fashion talks are really interesting and informative for younger generations – like my age – who are starting to pick a path which they should follow after graduating from high school. It gives us a few ideas of what to expect from the fashion industry. Plus, I have always admired fashion from the outside. This is the perfect opportunity for me to discover something new.

As it was the first day of Eid (by the way, Eid Mubarak to all!), I was busy during the whole day and managed to attend the night shows. Luckily, I was just in time for Ezra’s fashion show, the most awaited show of all. I have to say that what he presented was different and quite interesting from what I’ve seen until now. There are a few pieces that I absolutely loved and others not so much. Ezra also featured in his show males in skirts. I never thought I’d see this anywhere, a part from Mardi Gras at school. Since I arrived five minutes before the show began, I didn’t manage to find a seat. So the members of the staff sent me all the way to front row. I had a little moment of fame and felt very special for a second there. Haha! Here are a few not so clear shots from the show.

As for makeup, a lot of sculpting happened on that night. The models’ skin had a flawless and very dewy finish. For contouring, the makeup artists used more of a yellow toned bronzer. For highlighting, a white/cool toned cream highlighter was the key to accentuate the cheekbones. The eyes were kept subtle with a very soft brown smokey look. To drag all the attention to the cheekbones, the colour picked for the lips was a matte natural nude.

I couldn’t stay for the other shows as I was dead tired and almost begged to go home.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take an outfit of the day picture to share on the blog. But I’ll be posting a face of the day very shortly. Stay tuned for more fashion shows and runway beauty! Make sure you follow me on Instagram, where I’m posting the finales or a sneak peek of every show, and Twitter to get daily updates.

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Breaking the world record with Lush

July 11, 2013

Last saturday, Lush attempted to break the world record by collecting 22 000 cruelty free kisses across 900 Lush Cosmetics stores in the world from 2pm to 10pm. I have tried a few products from this brand in the past which I loved, so I decided to volunteer to be an independent witness for this event. I’m sure no one minds sitting in a Lush store as long as they can smell edible looking products for hours!

Basically, they were collecting a maximum number of lip imprints at The Dubai Mall store. It’s such an original and fun idea to do. I found it amusing myself! The costumers that stopped by had to leave their lip imprint by applying one of the Lush cruelty free lipstick colors on to the lips and kissed a big lip card where they left their name along with the imprint. The volunteers and SAs also had a go. Even the guys! I had to apply lipstick to one of them. Haha! They had the choice between a lipstick or a lip tint (which doesn’t leave any color when you remove it). I personally got attached to a deep red color called “Decisive”.

Please excuse the shiny forehead

Of course, not all the volunteers stayed from 2 to 10 pm. There was a swap by 6 pm. Before leaving, the online manager of Lush, Max, gave us a generous goodie bag filled with the brand’s best sellers. How nice! I noticed that I never blogged about this brand before, although part of my all-time favorite products is the lip scrub. I’m sure you’ll hear more about the products very soon on the blog.

By the end of the day, we managed to collect 109 kisses, if I’m not mistaken. I got to meet lovely people and had the chance to chat with them. Also, I’ve been amazed by the help that the SA provide. They are really helpful and so much fun!

Have you tried any Lush product before? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below! 

– Zein xx

My majestic daily life : Emerging Beauty Brands’ ‘Pamper Paradise’ event

June 28, 2013

Emerging Beauty Brands hosted a bloggers event, ‘Pamper Paradise’, which I kindly got invited to.

This company started as a family business that helps small beauty brands to expand in the region. Two of the brands that they introduced to us were Sleep in Rollers and Xen-Tan. If you haven’t heard of them before, I’m sure you can find them at Bloomingdales and Sephora.

Jay from Hairworks was here to demonstrate how to use the Sleep in Rollers as well as the so-called ‘donut’. I was so impressed by the results! The rollers give very nice Kim K curls. And the buns that were done with the donut turned out amazing as well. You can see in the pictures that Jay added a touch to the look by adding braids which I found lovely!

Each and every one of us got a tanning consultation by the very kind founder of EBB, Cat. She presented the brand, Xen-Tan, and pointed out the skin benefits of the products that contain: milk thistle, ginger root, green tea, vitamins E & A and shea butter. Plus, the products smell like chocolate and vanilla unlike chemically smelling tanners. After asking me how I liked my fake tan to look like (light, medium, dark), if I wanted an immediate effect or not, if I wanted it to wash away in the shower… I went for The Deep Bronze Deluxe.

At the event, we all sat around a table and chatted about hair and beauty. You know, the kind of stuff that I love to talk about. I realized that I was the only one in the room who never dyed her hair before and never fake tanned before. That was embarrassing, haha! Luckily, now I own my first fake tanner. Yay!

We were treated by mouthwatering cupcakes and delicious food prepared by 1762. I regret missing out on the cupcakes, they looked amazing! And the cherry and top of the cake was that we didn’t leave empty handed. You can see in the picture below that EBB was very generous with the goodie bag!

A big thank you to Cat and Sarah from Emerging Beauty Brands for the invite and for giving me the chance to meet beauty bloggers in Dubai!

Have you ever tried Sleep in Rollers or Xen-Tan before?

– Zein xx
P.s: Sorry for the poor image quality. I forgot to bring my camera with me.