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Gift Guide : 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

December 15, 2014

Nine days left until christmas and you still haven’t bought any of the gifts you thought you have planned in advance. Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve gathered ten gift ideas that I, honestly, would love to receive. This might turn into a christmas wishlist.. Continue Reading…

What’s In My Bag

November 8, 2014

A messy bag post.. Why not? Besides old receipts, what’s in my bag is always changing up. Warning: I didn’t bother cleaning up my bag before taking pictures. Continue Reading…

Monthly favorites : My January Favorites

February 6, 2014

Monthly favorites posts haven’t seen the light of day for a while, here on the blog, simply because I’m using almost the same products all the time and because nothing seems to be mind blowing these days.

Lately, I’ve been really trying to get good looking skin because:

a) I’m starting to breakout again (fyi I took the Accutane treatment), and…
b) I can’t be bothered to do my eyes everyday. Something has to look good!

This month, I got introduced to Eucerin products thanks to Glambox. The first product is their lip balm. I’ve already used this in the past. It’s one of the most hydrating lip balms that I’ve ever tried! It lives in my pencil case and I always pop it out in class. All the teachers stare at me with a weird look when I do that, haha!
The next Eucerin product is the Aqua Porin Active eye cream. I’ve never used eye cream before, just argan oil sometimes. Wow. I was definitely blown away by the difference it makes. It’s really refreshing and light, and it goes on smoothly.

Since I’ve been working on by skin more than eyes or lips, I’ve been switching between two foundations. The first one is my Holy Grail foundation for everyday use: the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Love Love Love Looove. I’ve wrote enough about it, you can check out the review here.
Another foundation I’ve been using on my ‘good looking skin’ days is Skin Ideal by Une. I have a deep affection for the dewy glowy fresh finish this gives. If you’re a fan of dewiness and lightweight foundations, this is definitely for you.

The last product on my list has also been introduced to me by Glambox. It’s Lolita Lempika’s Elle L’aime perfume. It’s a mix of floral, fresh lime and coconut. It reminds me a lot of when I’m on holidays.

As for other random updates, there is the Dubai Cycle Tour happening during the weekend. Most of the roads are closed, that’s a bummer. But on the bright side, schools are off today which leaves me with a three day long weekend. Oh Dubai, how I love you!

What are your monthly favorites? Tried any of these before? Leave a comment 🙂 

– Zein xx

January’s Glambox

January 30, 2014

I feel like a lab rat with all the products I’m testing at the moment. I wish I had more skin..

Anyways, a new Glambox arrived this month. And it’s a pretty exciting one! 

1. Pond’s Flawless White Expert BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++ – Whoa! That’s a freakishly long name for a product. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff regarding the Pond’s BB cream. I’ve already said in the past that I didn’t want to step into the BB cream world. I thought that I would have the need to try every and each one out there.

2. Repetto Paris perfume – Repetto is my #1 favourite ballerina flats brand. Ever since I discovered Repetto, I got at least five pairs of flats. Not bragging, just saying. I was a bit shocked with their perfume. I imagined it to be as soft and light as velvet leotards. Instead, it’s a pretty musky fragrance with top notes of pear & cherry blossom and base notes of amber wood & vanilla.

3. Bioskosma Hand Care Cream – the one I got has a citrus scent to it. Very hydrating, great for dry and rough hands.

4. Jergens Hydrating Coconut Milk – this smells divine! I wish I could literally eat it. It’s a lightweight formula rich in antioxidants leaving the skin looking silky and smooth.

5. Nstyle nail polish – I’ve never been to an Nstyle salon nor have I tried their nail polishes. I got an orange shade called Viva la Bardot. As much as I try to not be the very traditional girl that I am when it comes to picking nail polish shades – yes I like my red/pink/french manicures very much, I’ve never thought of trying an orange shade. I think it’ll look good with summer tanned skin.

6. Two vouchers – Glambox were generous enough to include two extra treatments which are A. a blowdry at Nstyle and B. a haircut at Urban Male Lounge. That second voucher doesn’t really concern me, haha!

Have a lovely day!

Any of you tried these before? 

– Zein xx

December’s Glambox

December 31, 2013

I must admit that the feeling of coming back home to a pink box filled with beauty products is pretty amazing. This month’s Glambox came in a bit early. So I had the chance to play with my five new toys before the end of December.

1. Eucerin Lip Balm – this is a blast from the past, for me. The Eucerin Lip Balm was one of the balms that I’ve used and abused during my six months of roaccutane. It contains SPF 6 and it reduces redness around the lips. I’ve haven’t used this for over a year or two now. It is still an amazing lip balm. I highly recommend it, especially for this time of year. Indeed, I have ditched my beloved Beesline lip balm that I’ve raved about for so long. I got so used to it that it doesn’t even moisturise my lips anymore. Nothing worse than dry lips, right?

2. Eucerin Aqua Porin Active Eye Cream – a very refreshing eye cream that is easily absorbed. It reduces signs of tiredness and definitely moisturises. Believe it or not, it is my first eye cream ever. I used to apply a bit of argan oil on my under eye area and it would work perfectly.

3. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion – this is the only product that I haven’t tried yet. It contains Shea Butter, Ginkgo Extract and Vitamin E for long lasting softness.

4. Inglot Freedom AMC Eye Shadow Square – I was definitely blown away by the texture of this eyeshadow. Very creamy, buttery and luxurious – comparable to Urban Decay shadows. I’ve never tried Inglot shadows. I got a very frosty colour that looks beige in the pan, but turns out to be a blueish grey on the eyelids.

5. Lolita Lempika Elle L’aime Eau du Parfum – this is the newest fragrance from Lolita Lempika, a mix of coconut flower and lime, jasmine and myrrh. I still don’t really know how I feel about this scent. I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

Have you tried any of these products before? Thoughts? Make sure you leave a comment 🙂 

– Zein xx

The Residence’s Favorites : Perfumes

October 7, 2013

I hardly ever write about perfumes and fragrances because I’m sure you’ve already realised how amazing I am at describing scents. I’ve always been a Burberry Body and The Beat type of gal. But three new perfumes have made their way in my collection this year and I couldn’t bear the fact of not sharing the love, here on the blog.

This summer, I decided to finally get Chanel Allure, a perfume that I always contemplate when visiting Chanel counters. I know, not a very summery fragrance. It is described as “clean and sheer, warm and sexy”. That’s probably not the best fragrance description you’ll ever find… I love this so much because it’s very sophisticated and elegant and it instantly makes you feel like a grown women. Every time I have this on, I get tons of compliments! I think this is going to be one of those perfumes that I’ll have in my collection for life. 

Calvin Klein recently launched a new perfume called “Down Town”. Judging by the name and the ad campaign, I thought it would smell like Carolina Herrera 212 VIP or Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million. When I first smelled this, I was a bit confused. Here’s the description: “Opening notes of Italian cedrat, bergamot, and neroli Tunisia orpur, mingle comfortably together with nuances of fresh green pear and dewy watery plum. The journey continues with a contrast of pink peppercorn dusted over violet leaf and gardenia petals, enhancing the sense of feminine sophistication. Finally, the unmistakable signature of sensualtiy and attitude are brought to life with Texan cedarwood, touches of incense, vitiver, benzoin, laos orpur, and warm velvet musk, leaving behind a statement of confidence”. It actually smells fruity and sweet. Something I would never go for! But I love its after smell. When Down Town starts to fade away, it has something about it that smells really good. Unfortunately, the after smell doesn’t last very long… 
About two weeks ago, Benefit hosted an amazing event for the launch of the newest member to the Crescent Row family: Noelle. I’m such a sucker for packaging and Benefit gets me every.single.time. This bottle came in the cutest box. If you end up in Sephora, check out the box of their perfume collection. Adorable! Now this is described as “exotic & glamorous woody, floral”. It has cardamom, black pepper and lingonberry as top notes; wild orchid, jasmine petals, vanilla flower, fresh rose and soft violet as middle notes; patchouli, accord oud, black amber, vanilla beans, benzoin resin and raspberry as bottom notes. It has an arabian twist to it (something that my mum would love – not that it’s a bad thing). I’m normally not a huge fan of oud but Noelle isn’t that strong (not as strong as the Arabic fragrances). This is more of a night fragrance to me rather than a daily one.

What are your favorite fragrances, at the moment? Leave a comment below! 🙂 
– Zein xx