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Get The Glow

February 24, 2016

Highlighting products

I’ve said it many times, and I’m going to say it again: there’s nothing more beautiful than an glowing complexion.

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Valentine’s Day Reds

February 5, 2016

Valentine's Day Reds

To be quite frank, red is probably the worst color to wear on Valentine’s Day. It’ll smudge if you eat, kiss, bite your lips while trying to be sexy, or even sneeze. But for the sake of the occasion, we still pucker up by gliding that red bullet across our lips thinking “maybe I’ll look more seductive”.

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Surviving Winter Skin 101

January 3, 2016

Winter Skincare

“New year, new me”. Challenge accepted. In 2016, you want to show the world that 1) you look and feel better than ever, 2) you’re a busy bee, yet manage to look flawless, and 3) you’re blessed with the best skin ever. Of course, none of that is true *digs out beauty potions from witch’s cupboard*. Welcome to Surviving Winter Skin 101.

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Winter Nail Picks

December 6, 2015


My hands and nails are my pride. They’re the only thing I truly enjoy taking care of: I can’t stand seeing chipped nail polish, and, let’s be honest, manicure sessions are sheer bliss. Now that the weather is cooler and the holidays are around the corner, we started getting a bit festive in the nails department.

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Flawless : Clarins Everlasting Foundation

November 24, 2015


We’re always searching for that one foundation that offers the best coverage, the best finish, and the best lasting power. It’s that one foundation that you’ll wear every day even though you have three others that you once labelled “favorites” sitting there, staring at you on your vanity table. I might just have found that foundation.

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Excavating My Bags

November 18, 2015


There is more treasure at the bottom of my handbag than there was ever on a pirate’s boat. If I dig deep enough, I could easily find about five lipsticks, three lipliners, and two compact powders in just one bag #shamelesstruth. So here’s what I found at the bottom of a collection of bags…

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October Favorites

November 7, 2015


October was all about going back to the same products everyday. As boring as this might sound, the items used are pretty revolutionary – well, sort of..

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