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Excavating My Bags

November 18, 2015


There is more treasure at the bottom of my handbag than there was ever on a pirate’s boat. If I dig deep enough, I could easily find about five lipsticks, three lipliners, and two compact powders in just one bag #shamelesstruth. So here’s what I found at the bottom of a collection of bags…

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Blushed : Glowy Cheeks

August 25, 2015


I haven’t been applying much makeup, lately – ain’t nobody got time for that. Concealer, blush, a bit of mascara and I’m out. However, I’ve been really enjoying anything related to the cheeks department, making sure I look luminous (which is ironic considering I feel anything but that). It’s all about that glow, people.

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

July 31, 2015


You’re probably wondering why it’s quiet around here (or you just don’t give a damn) but I’m back from London! It was a really tough decision to choose what makeup I should take for a whole week #MakeupAddictProbs.

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Gift Guide : 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

December 15, 2014

Nine days left until christmas and you still haven’t bought any of the gifts you thought you have planned in advance. Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve gathered ten gift ideas that I, honestly, would love to receive. This might turn into a christmas wishlist.. Continue Reading…

Disappointing And Revised Products

October 31, 2014

Ever had second thoughts? Or thought that a product was spectacular but turned out to be rubbish? So it turns out I’m not always right. There, I said it.

To everyone who thought “Yes, this is it!”, this one is for you.

There is something about sharing negative product reviews that makes bloggers feel bad. It’s like betraying our beloved makeup brands or not committing to the relationship we have built together ever since the start of our beauty addiction. The struggle is real, people.

Now that I think of it, not everything gets to be sugar coated for free. A few products have been overrated and it would only be fair to the good or excellent products to associate the mediocre ones with their genuine rate. Shall we?

Starting with the most irritating duo: Benefit’s They’re Real. I honestly started by loving the Push Up liner as much as I used to love the mascara. After using the eyeliner for a while, it became hard to work with. It dried too quickly, always gave a thick line and turned into a mess during removal. Not very convenient for one with little patience. And the mascara.. Well.. No. It’s not working for me. Its finish is too sticky, plastic and fake. Also, it adds a lot of weight to the lashes which tires me instead of making me look awake. How ironic.

Sticking with mascaras, MaxFactor’s Lash Extension Effect sounds like you’re going to end up with Burj Khalifa for eyelashes. I was more than just bummed when my lashes barely “grew”. The mascara was hardly good enough to define them with a descent coat of black for a natural look but it stops at that. Use it for two weeks and then toss it out.

Who doesn’t love a good blush? Believe it or not, blushes are my weakest point. I would buy a whole rack of them if Bill Gates was my father. What I also love is Jane Iredale. This lady does the best cosmetics! Now what’s not to love about her blush in Cotton Candy? Silver glitter. It breaks by heart into little pieces when a formula is so darn good but silver or gold glitter sits right there on your cheek. I think it brings the whole product down. Unfortunately, not recommended.

Fact: my eyebrows are a mess. Filling or shaping them is mission impossible. In moments like these I pray for Lisa Eldridge to appear in my life. I also pray to find a good brow product that is easy to use. Revlon’s Brow Fantasy failed to do so. Why? a) I picked up a lighter shade which made my brows look like a 70 year old’s brows. My bad.. b) the pencil is not creamy and pigmented enough to actually fill in the blank spots. I would repurchase just because the brow gel is fantastic. I’ll make sure it’s the right shade this time.

What are your “revised” products? Have you ever tried these? Thoughts? 

– Zein xx

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Mini Haul

September 21, 2014

The Sharon & Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection was calling me. The rest is history.

After three visits to MAC in less than an hour,  I managed to make up my mind about which products I really wanted. If I had a millionaire as a father, I would’ve bought the whole collection. The entire collection. I’ve never been that much excited for a MAC collection. I think you can tell.

Kelly had a lot of interesting pieces in her collection (yes, I’m talking about that Kelly Yum Yum lippy) but none of them really complemented my Middle Eastern skin tone. I did get her blush though which was part of my wishlist. And after seeing its name I wanted it even more: Cheeky Bugger. People, I officially own a blush called “bugger”. I can rest in peace in now.

Now, Sharon’s colours suit me more. I had my eye on her MSF in Refresh which is divided in two: bronzer and highlighter. But I also had my eye on the eyeshadow quad, the pinky brown lipgloss and the lipliner. They are SO GORGEOUS! Here’s how I convinced myself to buy the MSF only:

  1. The colours in the quad are a bit too deja vu. It’s the type of colours that are similar to what I have yet very different. 
  2. The lipgloss isn’t a new colour so I might find its dupe elsewhere and I don’t put on that much lipgloss anyways. But it does look amazing on the lips. Still debating weather I should get it or not..
  3. The cranberry lipliner is so beautiful. But again, I never use lipliners so might as well save my money for other goodies. 
Luckily, these collections don’t sell out fast in Lebanon (I like to think they don’t) So I have all the time I need to think about that gloss before getting back to it. And if I do get it, you’ll probably see that guilty pleasure posted on Instagram. 
Have you managed to get your hands on anything from the collection? Let me know if I should get anything else!
– Zein xx