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Hair Talk : Maintaining the curly madness

March 10, 2014

I’ve neglected my hair ever since, like, forever ago. I always used to get yelled at by hairdressers and stylists for leaving my hair suffer from dryness – I still get yelled at, occasionally. When you have curly hair, not giving a damn about it sure isn’t an option, for me at least. Maintaining a jungle as hair strongly incites you to let your hair be (air drying, no leave-in conditioners and sometimes no brushing). I slowly came to realise how wrong I was for not caring at all.

A little confession: I never really took care of my hair (you already know that). I would shampoo and condition it normally and let it air dry. As for brushing, I would brush my hair in the shower while my hair is still soaking wet. And I sometimes would not brush it at all. I used to believe it looked good that way after the shower. Now that I think of it.. Gross.

Here’s a little story about my hair: I used to have curly/frizzy/crazy volume/stubborn hair. With time, I lost a lot of volume. Like, a lot. And the curliness toned down a bit. The worst part is that my hair is still stubborn and the frizz is still keeping me company. Also, I have different types of hair on one head (“what on earth is she talking about?”). Some areas would be curly, some would be wavy, some would be straight-ish and others would look like they’ve been through a electric shock. In other words, they look like nothing. Any curly heads have that problem too? So yeah, my hair is super weird. But I’m totally fine with it! I’ve learnt how to embrace the frizz. 
Now that I’ve bored you with the story of my life, here is what I use on my hair after every shower and how I use it: 
I start by using my beloved hair oil from Davines. If you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that this an all-time favourite of mine. Seriously, this rocks my socks! A bit of that is applied to the lengths and ends of my hair. Then Biosilk’s Silk Therapy is sprayed all over the jungle. I also like to put some in my hands to rub into the ends of my hair. This will make the hair look and feel so smooth, soft and shiny (a good shiny, don’t worry). Finally, L’Oreal’s Liss Control is applied to the ends. The tiny tiny tiny tiniest amount of this is needed to define the curls. I wouldn’t go overboard as it might end up giving the wet look like a mousse would do. Scrunch up the hair a bit, let it air dry. Es todo! 
If you have curly hair: 
a) never brush your hair when it’s dry – unless you fancy the overly brushed 80s hair
b) throw away your hairdryer, it’ll only add up frizz. It’s useless in your life
I do this little “routine” after every hair wash which is everyday if not every other day. I know it’s bad to do that but curly hair looks good only after a wash. Believe me. And you can’t do anything with it once it’s dry. Anyways, this is probably not the best haircare routine out there. But it’s working for me now and it’s just a debut.

Also, I’ve been currently testing new hair products: the sisters of the Davines Oil and the L’Oreal leave-in conditioner. Will keep you posted. Until next time lovelies!

Do you have curly hair? Product recommendations? Good tips? Please do share, I would love your advice! 😀 

– Zein xx 

Hair Talk : Davines’ Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

July 2, 2013

If you’ve already seen my hair in the very few pictures that I post of myself, you may have noticed that I naturally have curly hair which is a huge pain in my behind. After trying different oils, leave in conditioners and treatments when I was younger, I was convinced that not a single product on this planet earth would help me control this mess on my head. About a month ago, I got introduced to this amazing hair oil that turned my world upside down! 

You probably already noticed the Davines Oi/Oil in my may favorites. They also call it ‘Absolute Beautifying Potion’. I totally agree. 

It’s basically a hair oil that you apply to damp hair that doesn’t weigh down hair. It adds shine and softness, and has an untangling and anti-frizz effect. This is puurfect for my hair which tends to look dry and frizzy with Dubai’s humidity. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say that Davines stayed true to its promise. My locks ended up looking very healthy and shiny. My hair felt amazingly soft and surprisingly light. On top of that, the oil smells heavenly. It’s the kind of product that makes you sniff your hair all day long. Wherever I go, I would stick my nose in my hair just to have a quick whiff. 
I use the Absolute Beautifying Potion after every hair wash by applying three squeezes to the lengths and ends of my hair. This is the only product that I use on my hair after washing it, other than Argan oil, and it has not made my hair look greasy. 
You can find this product in selected salons for AED 149. 
Have you ever tried this product before? What is your favorite hair product? 
– Zein xx 
*product sent as a media sample

Hair Talk : Effortless yet sexy look

April 29, 2012

Hi beauties!

I was browsing on google an easy hairdo for a night out but just couldn’t manage to find the perfect one! Ugh, I got so frustrated! Until this picture showed up: 

Of course, it’s the gorgeous Blake Lively. Why am I not surprised? As always, the Gossip Girl star has the most beautiful and classy hairstyles. With her stunning blonde/golden hair color, she can do absolutely anything with it! Even when her hair isn’t done and messy it still looks gorgeous. 
Anyway, back to the picture. Her hair is only curled at the bottom to keep it looking pretty long. How effortless is that?! She’s also taken it back with her fringe loosely attached. That’s the sexy side of the look. 
I think her hairstyle compliments her spring yellow dress because it’s luminous, glossy and blonde. Plus, I’ve noticed that the curls catch the light, so more luminosity to the look! 
I have to say, Blake Lively never fails when it comes to hair!  
So, as I told you in my description, her look is effortless and sexy, that’s why I love it so much! So I thought, why not share it with you guys?
To recreate this look all you need is a medium curling iron and bobby pins or a hair clip. Make sure you get started with straight hair to get rid of any frizziness or natural curls. We don’t want our perfect curls to look weird, do we? 
Step 1: With your curling iron, take a third of your lock and curl it. Make sure your lock is small, if it’s a big lock then you won’t be able to have the expected result. Repeat the same procedure to every lock. 
Step 2: When you finished curling your hair, go through it with your fingers to loosen up the curls for the effortless look. Don’t use a brush or a comb to do it! Or else you’ll look like this
Step 3: Last but not least, with your bobby pins or hair clip, take your hair back like in the picture at your ear level with letting your fringe loose. Finish by spraying your hair with hairspray.
Et voila! You have your effortless/sexy look!
When can you rock this look? It’s a look that can be appropriate whenever and wherever you go: during the day, at night, with friends, at the mall, to school, at a party, at a wedding… I would literally wear it everyday. Like the french people say: it’s a “passe par tout”. 
Where would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments bellow!
– Zein xx