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FOTD : The Fashion Forward Face – Day 1

October 20, 2013

Fashion Forward kicked off the first day of the Eid. I was busy all day long so I had to make sure that my makeup lasted throughout the day and stayed flawless. As promised, here’s what my face looked like on day uno.

For my base, I used Benefit’s Stay Flawless primer topped with Sephora’s Light veil foundation. I popped my go-to concealer of the moment, Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch, on the under eye area and under the brow bone to brighten up and to do a bit of lifting. I decided to go for the sculpted look. So Bourjois’s Bronzing Primer was applied to the hallows of my cheeks and a generous amount of Benefit’s Highbeam was applied and blended on the cheekbones with this foundation brush and fingers. I then powdered the face with Rimmel’s Stay Matte by applying it only on the T-zone in order to keep the gorgeous healthy glow that the highlighter gave. I added a touch of rosiness to the cheeks with a hint of Lovecloud blush by MAC.

Moving on to the eyes. I started by priming them with Urban Decay’s primer potion – the usual. I dusted Sigma’s eyeshadow in the shade Act (my all-time favourite base to all my looks) and applied a bit of Urban Decay’s Dark Horse on the outer corner, which was later blended into the crease, and a wee bit on the lower lash line. Before finishing off the eyes with a good coat of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, I went for eyeliner on the top lash line – a look that I’m sporting a lot lately. I used Revlon’s Colorstay liquid eye pen.

As for brows, I filled them with Revlon’s Brow Fantasy – a very handy brow product that I’ve been quite liking lately.

I kept the lips subtle with MAC’s Brave lipstick topped with a pretty old Chanel nude lipgloss. I know I need to throw it away because of its age. Don’t kill me. But it’s Chanel… It deserves to stay. I’m probably going to get sick and have weird skin problems because of this.

Before heading to Fashion Forward, I quickly accentuated my cheekbones by applying MAC’s Gingerly blush to the hallows of the cheeks and MAC’s Soft and Gentle msf to the cheekbones.

I did my hair at the hairdresser’s and asked him to go for the wavy look. Of course, the waves didn’t last a very long time.

Sorry for the poor iPhone quality picture, I barely had time to do a self-photoshoot for my Fashion Forward outfits and makeup looks.

– Zein xx

FOTD : The casual face with a bit of effort

October 5, 2013

I’ve been stuck on a daily makeup routine that makes people say “you look good today” when I never do, really. My skin has been going against me, at the moment. I’m not sure if I have oily skin or dry skin. And a lot breakouts are appearing due to sleepless nights and school stress (I know, it’s only the first month of school. I should stop complaining!).

Since my skin has been a bit bad, medium to full coverage foundation is indispensable. Today I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, which I blended with an F80 Sigma brush. Blemishes are, of course, covered by my beloved MAC Studio Finish concealer. As for under eye madness, it has been taken care of Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer. A hint of Stay Matte on the T-zone to finish off the base.

Moving on to eyes. I applied Sigma’s eyeshadow base in Pose on the lids. I’ve been loving it lately! With the help of Revlon’s colorstay liquid eye pen, I added a bit of definition to the eyes. Everyone knows I love full and long lashes. So a good coat of mascara was a must! I found Mikyajy’s Sabaya Volume & Length mascara in my stash and it was enough to do a good job. 
As for blush, I swiped along the hallows of my cheeks a bit of Gingerly by MAC. Do not go overboard with this, it’ll make you look like you’ve been hit by someone! 
The star of the show today was this fantabulous gem that I raved about here. Jane Iredale’s LipColour in Renee is the perfect lipstick for the weekend. Not too bright and not too sheer, which won’t make you look bleh (if that makes sense).

And here come the awkward selfies…

I don’t do a lot of FOTDs because I’m too shy to post a zoomed in photo of my face. So let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of this kind of posts 🙂 
What do you have on your face today? Tried any of the products mentioned? 
– Zein xx

FOTD : The “no makeup” look

April 10, 2013

My skin has been breaking out a lot lately for I don’t know which reason. Today was one of those days where I look and feel like a mess. Not a tiny bit of makeup would make me feel a tiny bit beautiful. But, I had to do something about my face and hide all the atrocities that have appeared to stay for a while. As I had enough of homework for the day, I took a little break and decided to dig out a few products to achieve a “no makeup” look or “I’m too lazy to do anything” look.

I didn’t bother doing my eyes as I was unwilling to consume my last bit of energy on the mascara removal process. Girls, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

I started with Benefit’s Porefessional to smooth out my face and minimize my pores because, today, everything has gone wrong and a good primer was urgently needed. This is the little sample I got here. Then I packed thin layers of the lightweight Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier, a very well loved product. Enough has been applied in order to get rid of all the redness. I then dug out of my mum’s makeup drawer Benefit’s Erase Paste and tried it for the first time today. It did a great job at brightening and concealing my under eye area but I still needed MAC’s studio finish concealer to eliminate the breakouts. Yes, it was that bad! I’ll review Erase Paste after a few more tries. Stay tuned!

To add up a bit of “fun” to the look and to fake my healthy looking skin, I applied a tiny bit of Benefit’s PosieTint on the apple of my cheeks blending it towards my cheekbones where I slapped on Highbeam by Benefit. I switched back to this highlighter to obtain a healthy, young, glowy skin with a candlelight effect. To finish up the look I dusted a wee bit of Gingerly by MAC along the hollow of the cheeks bringing it up towards by temples. I know I live in Dubai, but I haven’t seen the sun this year due to homework and extra curricular activities. Thank god for makeup!

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What do you have on your face today? Leave your response in the comments below 🙂 

– Zein xx