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Beauty tips : Getting ready for school – take 2

September 11, 2013

I’ve discovered a very interesting fact about myself this year: I’m so not a morning person. Well, it’s nothing new. Mother dearest knew it all along but I was always in denial – typical Zein. Not being a morning person gives me about two minutes to do makeup and not be late. But I’m always late – again, typical Zein. So here’s how I would do my makeup everyday for school..

First, I discovered that the Benefit Stay Flawless primer is an instant skin enhancer. A wee bit of that all over the face is a good start to fool people into thinking I wake up looking pretty and flawless when it’s not really the case. Then a good concealer like MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer (been using this for ages!) should do the trick to hide whatever needs to be hidden. Both products don’t need a brush to be applied. Thumbs up for time savers! 

I then move on to eye primer – something I can’t live without. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is normally what I go for. If I wanted a bit of color, Sigma’s Eye Shadow Base in Pose or Revlon’s Smoky Shadow stick are as great as the Primer Potion and both can be applied/blended with fingers. If I had a bit of time, which is extremely rare, I would choose a subtle eyeshadow to dust all over the lid. Finish off the eye look with a good coat of mascara. I’ve gone back to using the Maybelline Colossal one, at the moment. Eyes done!
As for blush, I just grab whatever appears in front of my face and make a bit of effort to blend it well. 
Et voila! That is all I do, really. No Effort, hardly any brushes and time saving. As for lips, I slap on any clear lip balm on my way to school. If the look turns out to be a bit cakey, a good mist would do the job like Jane Iredale’s Pommisst or Urban Decay’s All Nighter. Both love love love! As for brows, I don’t even bother looking at them. I just quickly brush them with my fingers in the elevator, on my way down.
I try to keep all the face products used in a small pouch which I keep with me in case of emergencies. And I always have my Rimmel Stay Matte powder with a big fluffy brush for touch ups with me. If I don’t have time to do any of that at home, I’d go and hibernate in the girl’s bathroom and do my makeup in front of everyone. Awkward.
How would you do your makeup for school/work?
– Zein xx

Beauty tips : Keeping your lips soft and smooth

July 26, 2013

One thing that I absolutely can’t stand is dry and chapped lips because a) you end up bitting them off, and b) lipstick doesn’t look good on with chapped lips. There are a few products out there that do the perfect job to keep my lips soft and smooth. With these two simple steps, you’ll have smooth kissable lips this summer!

Step 1

An all-time favorite lip scrub of mine is the Bubblegum sugar lip scrub by Lush. I love the fact that it’s sweet and edible. It removes every bit of dead skin on the lips and leaves your lips so smooth. Best part is that you can eat it afterwards! I really like eating it and I know a lot of people who do the same. I guess I’m not so weird, after all. I like exfoliating my lips 3 to 4 times per week.

Step 2

Another Lush product that I’ve been introduced to recently is the Whip Stick lip balm, a chocolate orange balm . I normally don’t like chocolate flavored beauty products. But this one hasn’t got the overpowering flavor and scent to it that gives you a headache by the end of the day. This product leaves the lips with a really soft feel to them. I’m still madly in love with my Beesline lip care which stays in my handbag (which is why it isn’t photographed). But I believe I have started a new relationship with the Lush balm. I use lip balm right after exfoliating my lips and everyday, specially before sleeping.

As you may have noticed, Lush Cosmetics are pretty amazing when it comes to lip care. I definitely recommend both Lush products if you’re having a hard time finding good lip products.

How do you like keeping your lips soft? Have you tried these products? Thoughts?

– Zein xx

Beauty tips : How to prep your skin before a special occasion

July 23, 2013

Waking up late, staying up until late hours, sunbathing and other summer habits make us forget about maintaing our skin in a good condition. I know that every time summer is here, I tend to forget about my skincare routine and end up with really bad skin. At that time of the year, you always want to look your best. You never know when you’ll have a party, dinner, family gatherings or other special occasions. Here are a few steps to follow a day before your event.

Now, first thing you need to know is that foundation and concealer won’t cover up much if they’re not applied to a good and clear canvas.

Step 1
Start by using a precleanse product like this one from Dermalogica. It will help remove any makeup left on the skin or any dirt. 
Step 2
Cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser. I’ve been using Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel at the moment. Careful, don’t go for anything too drying. 
Step 3
Exfoliate your skin by massaging it in gentle circular motions. Dermalogica’s Skin Prep Scrub is a thick facial scrub that I absolutely love! It removes dry skin and clears out the skin perfectly. If your skin is extremely oily, go for a toner right after this step. If it’s not, skip the toner. 
Step 4
Spread a good layer of moisturizer on to your face. Make sure it’s not a mattifying moisturizer. 
Step 5 
Apply two or three drops of argan oil onto your face. It will nourish your skin. If you don’t have argan oil, then go for a hydrating serum. 
After following these 5 steps, you might look a bit red because of the exfoliating. But I always follow this routine before a special occasion or an event and I wake up with an almost flawless face. The fact that you do this routine at night will let your skin rest from the cleansing and exfoliating and absorb all of the good oils that you applied at the end. 
I hope this was helpful and I hope it will work you as much as it works on me! 
What is your skincare routine before a special occasion? Have you tried this routine? Leave a comment below 🙂 
– Zein xx

Beauty tips : Getting ready for school or work

August 29, 2012

School’s starting soon or already started for some of us. This means waking up early and getting your makeup done in a jiffy!
The key to a quick makeover is multi-purpose products and multi-purpose brushes. These will help you get ready in no time.

To be honest, I’m not the type of girl that would go to school with full makeup on. I usually would put on just a color of eyeshadow on my lids and a good coat of mascara and I’m out the door. I do that only because foundation or other kind of heavy base would melt during day time due to the heat of Dubai, specially if you have oily skin.

Before going into details, I just want to point out that you’re not going to a party you’re going to school. Therefore, your look shouldn’t be too dramatic with dark eyeshadow, crazy lashes and bold lips.

Make sure you read the post until the end to see which products I like to use!

You want to keep it easy and simple! You only need two products: a concealer and a compact powder (or a powder foundation if you want more coverage).
Start by concealing dark circles, redness around the nose or mouth and little unwanted zits! You can do this step with your fingers, no need for a brush.
Then set it with the powder by using a big fluffy brush. If you want more coverage, you can use a more dense brush.

Lips and Cheeks
We said that we need multi-purpose products. In this case, I’m talking about lipsticks! Use them as a lip color and as blush color! Just like cream blushes. Plus, you don’t need a brush to do it, fingers do the job perfectly.
If you want something a bit more glossy for your lips, use a Revlon lip butter. It would look perfect!

As I said earlier, I would apply just one color on my lids. So try to keep on your vanity table single eyeshadows that you can reach out for easily.
Or keep a quad with your favorite colors in it that will help you create a look.
For brushes, I use just a tapered blending brush to dust on the eyeshadow and then blend it afterwards.
I don’t use eyeliner everyday, I always skip this step.
And of course, finish your look with a good coat of mascara. Chose something not too dramatic. It’s not a party!

Products I like to use (the ones in the picture): MAC Studio Finish Concealer, MAC Studio Fix, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder, MAC lipstick in Plumful, Revlon lip butter in Cotton Candy, MAC eyeshadows in quad Phloof!/All that glitters/Bronze/Satin Taupe, Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express mascara.

Brushes I like to use (all by Sigma): E35 Tapered blending, F30 Large powder, F84 Angled Kabuki.

You can get the brushes here with 10% during this month of August with this coupon code SAVE2012  + receive a free gift with a purchase of $30 or more!

How would you do your makeup to school or work? Is this too light for you? Tell me in comments bellow, you might be an inspiration 😉

– Zein xx 

Beauty tips : How to apply eye highlighter

July 21, 2012

I have noticed recently that highlighting specific parts in the eye area makes a huge difference to the look! It makes you look more illuminated!
Sometimes I don’t enjoy highlighting my inner corner and think that it looks ridiculous on me. But I have discovered that it looks amazing during the summer! There’s a thing in winter that makes highlighters for inner corners look weird… Well, that’s what I think when I see it on myself. However, I don’t mind highlighting my brow bone. I love doing that actually!
Few of my friends asked me how do it and what do I use, so I decided to share it with all of you!

Highlighting is all about accentuating features, we probably all know that already. But you have to know which features you want to accentuate.

In the eye area, you can highlight the tear duct area to make your eyes look open and make you look more awake (as seen in the picture above).

I like using two brushes to do this trick:
1) A pencil brush like this one. This type on application is good for a dramatic look. Of course, the edges have to be blended out to avoid harsh lines.
2) A tapered blending brush to have a softer look. With a brush like this one you just have to dab it a few times or swirl it over the area. You don’t have to worry about blending it out. I think this is great for more natural looks or daily looks.

You can also highlight the brow bone. I love doing this! It looks great for all types of looks!
A few months ago I found out that an angled brush does the job perfectly for brow highlighting. Check it out here. You just sweep the brush under half of the outer end of your brow. Easy peasy!

You can also dab a bit of highlighter on the center of your lid, over your eyeshadow, it gives a lovely effect!

Do you enjoy highlighting your eye area? Tell me in the comments bellow! 

– Zein xx

P.S : You can get the brushes I like using (click on the links above) with 10% OFF by using the code AP2012 during July!