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4 Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat

July 17, 2016

Summer beauty tips and tricks

45 degrees. 45 freakin’ degrees. If you ever wondered what hell feels like, come to Dubai. As you can imagine, I feel fresh, energized, luxurious… Hah! These 4 tips will (hopefully) help you beat the heat!

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Valentine’s Day Makeup

February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Makeup

I strongly believe that the ideal date look is an enhanced version of your daily self: natural, pretty, and confident. No beauty rule says that big lashes, smokey eyes, and bright lips are the basics of date night makeup. Here are a few tips to remember in order to achieve a strong Valentine’s Day makeup game…

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Brow Game

January 31, 2016

Brow Game

Although I take eyebrow grooming very seriously, I’m not a brow expert. I have thick and semi-sparse brows, and I was always convinced that filling them in would result in having two dark blocks at the bottom of my forehead. I have finally come to realize that brows make the most difference to your look by framing your face.

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How To Look Gorgeous In 5 Minutes

January 6, 2016

Go-to makeup

You’ve slept through your alarm and you just want to get ready and hit the road! Picturing the situation breaks you out in a cold sweat: applying primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara – that you just smudged under your eye after blinking (the horror!), lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss, perfume, throwing on the perfect outfit for your meeting scheduled in less than an hour, styling your jungle hair; and right before going out the door, you realise that you used your summer foundation shade. Oh boy.

The struggle is real.

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Surviving Winter Skin 101

January 3, 2016

Winter Skincare

“New year, new me”. Challenge accepted. In 2016, you want to show the world that 1) you look and feel better than ever, 2) you’re a busy bee, yet manage to look flawless, and 3) you’re blessed with the best skin ever. Of course, none of that is true *digs out beauty potions from witch’s cupboard*. Welcome to Surviving Winter Skin 101.

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Making my way through summer #3 : How to get a summer tan

July 17, 2014

Ah! That dreamy Brazilian summer tan.. Good thing we’re living in Dubai. The sun is here almost during the whole year. Thing is, we’re in a very modern desert where everyone stays indoors all the time. We either look like zombies or have a very high Vitamin D deficiency. Luckily, with the help of research and development both can be fixed. Hoora!

Regarding the Vitamin D. I’m no doctor. You should go see one for that. And if you don’t know whether you have a Vitamin D deficiency or not, I highly recommend to get a blood test done.

And to avoid looking like I haven’t seen the light of day since the day I was born, I go for two very dear products. 
Clarins Bronzer 
This bronzer is part of their Colours of Brazil collection (I’m loving everything that screams Brazil, check out more here). Love. Love. LOVE. This stuff can’t get any better. I hauled this here and I was debating whether I should get this or the Marc Jacobs bronzer. I’m so happy that I went for this. With a large brush, I sweep this in the hollows of my cheeks, a bit on the cheeks, nose and forehead and all over the face really. Kidding!

Bourjois Bronzing Primer 
This went out last year’s summer collection and I believe it did as well in this year’s. Amazing stuff! Mousse kind of texture that blends so well with the skin. You can use it as a primer, as a bronzer, use it on its own, mix it with foundation: it defines perfectly a multitasking products. A tanned look can easily and quickly be achieve with this *snaps fingers*.
Where should you apply bronzer you ask? Now, we all know the typical areas where to apply it in order to slim down the face: hollows of the cheeks, temples, etc. This season, we want to look more like JLo rather than Maleficent. So going heavy handed with the contouring isn’t the solution. Concentrate more on where the sun would hit your face: top of the apples of the cheeks, nose, chin, centre of forehead. Of course, don’t go overboard with bronzer. You should apply just enough. Another tip, compare your face in different lightings: go in the bathroom, under sunlight, in your room, kitchen.. Both products mentioned hold up very well in the heat and provide a healthy look and a very natural tan when used in the right areas. Thumbs up for bronzers! 
What bronzers do you use? Have you ever tried these before? 
– Zein xx