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March’s Glambox

March 25, 2014

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t completely satisfied with this month’s Glambox. Don’t get me wrong, coming home to a pink box of full sized products brings me an amazing feeling of joy. But this isn’t what went wrong this time.

This month, Glambox collaborated with Nivea. We all know and love Nivea for diverse reasons. For me, it’s the first beauty and skincare brand that I’ve been introduced to ever since I was a child. Throughout the years, I’ve realised that Nivea products are standard. When I need a lip balm or a body lotion that will provide me a good result, I would go for this brand.

However, I believe that this box wasn’t worth its price tag (but I have to be honest, this was sent to me – I didn’t pay for it). Of course, Glambox never fails at introducing new products – which is why I love this type of subscription so much. But I think that this concept should open doors to higher end brands (not necessarily the brands you find in Bloomingdales or Harvey Nichols) rather than brands that are easily accessible to all and already known by everyone.

Nevertheless, here are the products in the box:

1.  The very well known and classic Nivea Cream

2. Touch of Waterlily Shower Gel – very foamy and fresh

3. In-shower Body Moisturiser – love this! It was featured in my last favourites post

4. Invisible for Black & White Clear Roll-on

To complete my last argument, the only product that is unknown to me is the shower gel. Despite what was said above, all the products are full sized and are daily essentials which is actually quite nice. I guess it’s more of a “restocking essentials” rather than a “discovering new products” box.

Did you receive your March Glambox? What are your thoughts? Would love to know in the comments!

– Zein xx

Monthly favorites : My February Favorites!

March 7, 2014

So it’s the end of a little two week holidays for me. I’m going back to school on Sunday with a load of exams waiting for me. I can’t wait for this year to finally end. I’ve used all my mental capacities by using and abusing my brain. Other than that, a few products have entered the love circle this month.

We have the new Nivea in-shower Body Lotion. I was supposed to mention this about, er, three months ago? Whoever came up with this concept is a pure genius and a very lazy person. I don’t know about you, but every time I get a new lotion/body cream I get excited about it for the first two days and promise myself that I’ll lather my whole body with it everyday. Of course, I never keep that promise because either I hate the sticky feeling of body lotions, I forget or I’m too lazy. How does this genius-ness work? After washing your whole body in the shower, spread this on the areas you want to moisturise and then rinse it off. Voila. Mucho easy and simple. 

Next is the classic fluidline Blacktrack by MAC. This is some sort of rediscovery. I’ve been using this a lot this month. It’s very smooth and easy to apply. 
On my nails is Isadora’s Summer Red. I don’t really care if it says ‘summer’ in the name, I used this during the whole winter (or whatever that breeziness was in Dubai). Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the truest of all reds. On top of that, the quality is amazeballs, comparable to Essie if not better. Now all I have to do is go get myself a new bottle because I can’t work anymore with this little sample that came in my Glambox
Speaking of Glambox, in January’s box was this BB cream by Pond’s. Now I don’t get that much excited about BB creams just because BB, CC, foundation, tinted moisturisers… It’s all the same to me. Of course, there are a few things that change (formula, finish, coverage, shade). Now, I’ve been reaching out a lot for this BB cream. It’s great for everyday use. Plus, I don’t need to powder my face with this. It dries to a semi-matte finish and lasts quite a while. The only problem is that my skin is a bit light for this right now. So I always need to slap a s*** load of bronzer down my neck. 
Finally, the Maybelline Insant Anti-Age Eraser concealer. I have a love/hate relationship with this and now I seem to be in the love phase. Lately, this has been so good to me and I’m scared run out of it knowing that it’s not available in Dubai. You know what they say, all good this come to an end.

Have a lovely Friday 🙂 

What are your favorites this month? Tried any of these? 
– Zein xx

December’s Glambox

December 31, 2013

I must admit that the feeling of coming back home to a pink box filled with beauty products is pretty amazing. This month’s Glambox came in a bit early. So I had the chance to play with my five new toys before the end of December.

1. Eucerin Lip Balm – this is a blast from the past, for me. The Eucerin Lip Balm was one of the balms that I’ve used and abused during my six months of roaccutane. It contains SPF 6 and it reduces redness around the lips. I’ve haven’t used this for over a year or two now. It is still an amazing lip balm. I highly recommend it, especially for this time of year. Indeed, I have ditched my beloved Beesline lip balm that I’ve raved about for so long. I got so used to it that it doesn’t even moisturise my lips anymore. Nothing worse than dry lips, right?

2. Eucerin Aqua Porin Active Eye Cream – a very refreshing eye cream that is easily absorbed. It reduces signs of tiredness and definitely moisturises. Believe it or not, it is my first eye cream ever. I used to apply a bit of argan oil on my under eye area and it would work perfectly.

3. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion – this is the only product that I haven’t tried yet. It contains Shea Butter, Ginkgo Extract and Vitamin E for long lasting softness.

4. Inglot Freedom AMC Eye Shadow Square – I was definitely blown away by the texture of this eyeshadow. Very creamy, buttery and luxurious – comparable to Urban Decay shadows. I’ve never tried Inglot shadows. I got a very frosty colour that looks beige in the pan, but turns out to be a blueish grey on the eyelids.

5. Lolita Lempika Elle L’aime Eau du Parfum – this is the newest fragrance from Lolita Lempika, a mix of coconut flower and lime, jasmine and myrrh. I still don’t really know how I feel about this scent. I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

Have you tried any of these products before? Thoughts? Make sure you leave a comment 🙂 

– Zein xx