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NOTD : Last minute halloween nails

October 30, 2013

You’ve already seen my NOTDs, right? Have you ever spotted glittery nail polish? Never. I love seeing glittery nail polish on other people, but not on myself. I’ve never really tried it until this Bourjois bottle from the halloween collection landed on my desk yesterday. We can all agree that the only opportunity to be daring is during halloween. 

The shade is Dangerous Wish. A sheer black with holographic glitter of different sizes. The application is super easy with these 1 Second polishes that Bourjois make. It literally took me three minutes to do both of my hands knowing that I had to apply 4 coats for it to look opaque. Otherwise, I would have to apply a black base which I actually think would turn out a bit more flattering. 

I didn’t get enough time to test this out as halloween is tomorrow and it would be utterly useless to post it afterwards. But based on my experience with Bourjois polishes, they are amazing! Love them. They last quite a long time and look amazing on the nails. 
So here’s what I would do for “last minute” halloween nails: 
a) Apply four coats of Dangerous Wish on both hands – if you’re daring enough. Or.. 
b) If you’re a coward, like I am, go for black nail polish like Essie’s Licorice and apply a layer of Dangerous Wish on the ring finger on top of that black. 
Et voila! Halloween nails done.
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What do you have on your nails for halloween? Leave a comment below 🙂 
– Zein xx
P.S: the picture above contains filters. The colour might not look exactly the same in realty. 

NOTD : The perfect nude nails

August 26, 2013

Before leaving Lebanon, I went to get my nails done knowing that I was going to end up with nude nails. When I arrived in front of the Essie board full of nail polish, the reds and deep pinks caught my attention. It took me over 15 minutes to choose a color and make up my mind – typical Zein. I finally went for a mix of two different colors that created the perfect nude.

In the Essie collection, the nudest nude is, of course, the very well known Topless and Barefoot. Although it’s a beautiful color, I find it a bit yellowish and ‘dead’ for me. I think I would love it more if I were a bit more tanned. To add a bit of ‘life’ to this color, the manicurist applied a coat of Sugar Daddy over it. A good touch of pink. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you *dramatic pause* the perfect nude!

I’ve had this combo on my nails for five days now and still loving it. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it right after application. But there is something about it that makes you love it only until the next day… Makes sense?

The top color can be changed if you want a different result. Instead of Sugar Daddy you can go for Mademoiselle for less pink or something like Potato Fields for no pink at all. Hm.. I wonder how that would look like. So basically Topless and Barefoot is a great base when you want to turn a sheer nail polish into an opaque color.

Note: the two coats of polish are a bit thick. You might not get the same result if the layers are thin.

What is your perfect nude nail polish/combo? Leave a comment below!

– Zein xx

NOTD : French Affair by Essie

March 31, 2013

After a huge dilemma yesterday, I finally chose the color I wanted to have on my nails. It’s the perfect color for this time of the year: spring and easter.

“French Affair” is a very pale pink. On the Essie website they describe it as “a sophisticated soft lavender pink”.

I was scared for it to appear too white as I’m not used to pastels. However it turned out looking great on my tanned hands (don’t mind the untanned area on the middle finger where I normally wear my ring).

I now have a new little crush on this color that I’ve been searching for a long time.

What is your NOTD? Leave a comment 🙂 

– Zein xx

NOTD : Licorice by Essie

December 22, 2012

Hello makeup junkies!

After reading this post about my little visit to The Nail Spa, you might know that a NOTD post was coming up. The color I picked this time was Licorice by Essie.

This past month, I noticed a lot of people wearing black nail polish and it looked so good on them! I initially wanted to pick Essie’s Butler Please from the new holiday collection but finally went for Licorice.

I was so excited to finally have that color on my nails until I saw the other ladies in the salon getting their nails painted in red or getting a french manicure… (safe stuff that I would normally go for). Then I thought twice about that black color I was about to put on… But I manned up and finally got my nails painted in black! *shows muscles*

Anywhozers… With the lighting of the salon, this lovely poisonous color looked like it had grey undertones which I really didn’t like. Luckily it’s way darker in daylight 🙂


  1. My sister and cousins are coming tomorrow! Yaaayyy! I’m sooo excited! I’m finally going to see them again! 
  2. I now officially have a Keek account! Although I do not know how to use it at all… Follow me @thebeautyresidence 😀 Videos aren’t really ma’ thang, but I’ll try to post stuff 😉 
What do you have on your nails today?? Keep your keek username in the comments too, I’m really enjoying this short video thing.
– Zein xx

Last Minute : Beauty stocking stuffers!

December 19, 2012

Like yesterday’s post from the “Last Minute” series, I thought of putting up a list of last minute beauty stocking stuffers. As I said in this post, I always leave those kind of stuff for the last minute. I’m sure what I’m about to suggest will be great help for you 😉

1. No one can get enough of Lush’s Bubble Bars. This one is made for this jolly season.

2. L’occitane’s hand cream is THE cream to have! It’s real moisturizing shizzle! This box contains 3 L’occitane hand creams.

3. Nail polishes are the best beauty stocking stuffers out there. But instead of 1 nail polish bottle, why not get 4 mini bottles of Essie’s holiday collection? Link! 🙂

4. Miniature perfumes or roller balls like these from Ralph Lauren!

5. Another great stocking stuffer that we see every year: candles. Bath & Body Works have amazing festive holiday scented candles with cute names like “Tis the season“. You can check out here other stocking stuffers ideas from Bath & Body Works.

6. Miniature skincare products from Philosophy! Come on, how cute are these things??

I wish my stocking included all of these products.

Hope it was helpful. Merry christmas 🙂

– Zein xx

NOTD : Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle by Essie

June 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I’m a bit tired so I’ll make it quick… I just wanted to show you my nails today. I’ve got a lot of compliments on them!
I went to do my nails earlier this morning and decided for once to mix two different shades. I’ve never done this before, I’ve always seen my mom do it and thought that it was a bit weird!
This time I’ve asked the lady doing my nails to apply a coat of Ballet Slippers then a coat of Mademoiselle over that (both by Essie).
I fell in love with the result at the end! It’s your nails but better. My nails looked so clean! It’s a change of all the bright or dark colors that leave a nasty stain on your nails.
I went to Bloomingdales earlier this evening, and I’ve got a tons of compliments on my nails! Specially from the salesladies selling the Ciate paint pots.

I’m really tired! I’m going to have some beauty sleep now. I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I sure had a very busy one!

What colors do you like to mix? Tell me in the comments bellow 🙂  

– Zein xx 
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NOTD : MAC Impassioned

June 14, 2012
Today’s Nails Of The Day is Impassioned by MAC. Now, if you read my previous post about my birthday gifts, you would know that I got this for my birthday. 

This color was released recently and it’s supposed to match Impassioned lipstick, a very well known lipstick by MAC, that I also got for my birthday! If you go on MAC’s website, you’ll see that the color of the lipstick and the nail polish look perfectly alike. However, after seeing the bottle and painting my nails, I can reassure you that it doesn’t match the lipstick at all!

The lipstick is fuchsia and the nail polish is a coral-y color. You can see swatches of the lipstick in my previous post. 
But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the color. I’m in love with it! It’s a great color for summer! I can imagine myself wearing it at the beach! 
I had to put three coats of it to get the result I wanted. And then, of course, I added a top coat. But what disappointed me is that the color of the polish in the bottle is different than it is on my nails… Weird. It’s probably because of the lighting in my house.

It reminds me of Orly Teeny Bikini that I love for summer as well!

What is your favorite nail polish for the beach or summer? Tell me in the comments bellow 🙂 

– Zein xx

Haul : My birthday goodies

June 13, 2012

If you know me, you would know that my birthday was yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot! I celebrated it at home. I organized a dinner-party with a Black & White theme. On that day I got a lot of goodies!! 😀
Other than the theme, I ordered sushi and beautiful cupcakes made by Project Cupcake. They were absolutely delicious! If you’re in Dubai you NEED to try them! They even have a nutella stuffed cupcake! Yuuum!

Back to the haul! I got several things: accessories, cosmetics, body lotions and all that jazz.
I’m going to start of with cosmetics. They were all by MAC.

1st picture (top to bottom/left to right): Phloof!; Bronze; Da Bling; Haux
2nd picture (left to right): Da Bling; Haux; Phloof!; Bronze

I seriously love all the shades! The pink eyeshadow looks a bit scary but I tried it on my eyes and it is perfectly wearable and I love matching it with Haux (pink-y brown color). However, Bronze reminds me of Smog eyeshadow in the Naked Palette (the first one) but it’s lighter. I like it! And I love putting Phloof in my tear duct, it looks amazing! It’s a very pigmented and frosty white. It would work great with a black smokey eye. 
2nd picture: not blended; blended

Next, I got this gorgeous blush! It’s from the Tres Chic collection that you can still get in Dubai, it’s called Lovecloud (satin finish). It has a hardly noticeable flex of shimmer. It reminds me a lot of Well Dressed blush by MAC but it’s deeper. If Well Dressed doesn’t appear on your skin tone, then I recommend this color for you! It’s really the best blush for summer! I wish I had it earlier to use it for my summer makeup look. 
1st picture: Impassioned lipstick
2nd picture: Swatch of Impassioned

Oh.My.God! That’s what I said when I saw this lipstick! It has an amplified finish to it, one of my favorite finishes by MAC. It’s a beautiful pigmented fuchsia color. I love colors like that but I never know when to wear them. 
Then, I got Impassioned Nail Lacquer. It matches the lipstick!! Yay! I love the color! It’s great for summer!
Moving on to body stuff… 
I got this set from Bath & Body Works. It comes with a luffa, a body spray, a shower gel, a body lotion and a triple moisture body cream. The scent of these products is Twilight Woods. It smell amazing! I love the body spray! And I don’t know if you have noticed but my sisters and I have already used the shower gel! 
Then I got accessories! 
I got this gorgeous scarf from Galeries Lafayette. I can already imagine myself wearing it! I love the color scheme! 
Then I got these lovely crystal earrings from Agatha. I LOVE them! And man are they big! I’ve tried them, they look lovely!
Finally, I got a Rebecca Minkoff bag! Yup, you read that right! It’s has the perfect size for an everyday bag. The teal color is gorgeous! And I love the chained handle with the leather part that comes on the shoulder.
I have to thank all of my friends for these amazing gifts! I really love each one of them! I’m a lucky lucky girl! 
What’s the most memorable gift you got for your birthday? Tell me in the comments bellow! 
– Zein xx