Brushed it : 3 Eyeliner Brushes You Need

November 11, 2014

Eyeliners. You make one mistake and it’s over. You end up with a super thick line. And when there’s a mistake in that super thick line.. Well, you get the picture. Now, gel liners depend on the brushes you use. Obviously. There are different types of brushes that cater for your different gel liner “needs”.

Make Up For Ever released not long ago a new set of brushes which I had the chance to mess around with for a few hours. They have a omg-so-soft-I’m-keeping-you-on-my-face quality. You know?

I got my hands on three eyeliner brushes. The bristles are unbelievable. Seriously, guys. They don’t hurt or scratch the eyelids, they’re soft and they make application super smooth. Plus, they’re very lightweight which gives you full control of the brush. And they are wooden! I feel like an artist with a red beret in Montmartre. Basically, they blew me away.

We have the 262: a large angled brush. This one makes it easier and faster to glide on liner all over the lid and finish off with a wing. Sometimes, I prefer using it with powder instead of liner, especially when defining thinly the outer part of the lower lash line. It works great for filling in brows too.

The 250 brush is the typical gel liner brush that anyone would get at first. I like to get closer to the lash line or between the lashes with this one. All looks can be created with full control.

Last but not least is the 258 brush. A MUFE makeup artist told me that this one is used to smudge out the liner to get a smokey effect. Nevertheless, it can still be useful for perfect lines and perfect lips. Perfect lips? What is she talking about? Yes my friends, you can correct small lipstick mistakes with this: concealing around the lips, creating the shape, defining the lip line. Just use your imagination.

I would totally invest in the rest of the brush collection if my pocket money allowed me to do so. But I definitely believe that everyone should own one of these. They’re spectacular.

What are your favorite eyeliner brushes? Have you tried any of these before? 

– Zein xx

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