Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up liner

May 23, 2014

It’s all real! 

Indeed it is. And what’s even more real is the fact that all of my friends are out tonight and I’m here, in bed, being in denial about how tired and sleepy I am. Point is, Benefit is changing the world one launch at a time. 
The secret is out and I’m sure you’ve all heard by the now the revolutionary product that Benefit has been preparing for us makeup junkies. You are correct, it’s the missing product from May’s Glambox
In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Benefit is introducing to the world an eyeliner, part of the They’re Real range, that has been 5 years (I think) in the making. As you may have noticed in the pictures, it is no ordinary eyeliner. It is designed to answer our beauty prayers by getting our lives out of a living hell. In other words: it solves the biggest dilemma that is lining our eyes. I have to admit after years of using eyeliner I still can’t get that line right. 
At first, I didn’t understand how an eyeliner could be a revolutionary product. I thought that revolutionary was a bit of a big word for a simple eyeliner (something I don’t wear everyday). Keep on reading.. 
The Benefit team really thought it through: wooden pencils were hard to use, pot gels are messy and require a separate brush and felt tip pens dry out quickly. So the final product is
a) a long lasting waterproof/smudge proof matte black gel formula that won’t dry out 
b) a twist out gel eyeliner in a pen, and … 
c) a pen with the AccuFlex tip that makes it easy to get the closest possible to the lash line and that helps to keep the line straight and tidy
What is my personal review you ask? I’ve had enough time to play around with it. It is indeed very black, matte, long lasting and glides on like a dream. Although I had a bit of a hard time getting the hang of it at first, it did make application way easier, stable and prettier – especially when it comes to adding the flick for a winged look. Love it! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of drugstore brands recreating the AccuFlex tip for their liners in the future. 
Only problem is that the tip has to be wiped off before every use and you have to be careful to not twist out a lot of product.
Benefit is also growing the They’re Real collection by adding up an eye makeup remover that they call They’re Real! Remover. It’s a cream/lotion/milky type of formula – the type that smudges a lot while removing makeup and makes the process really messy. Despite that, it’s more effective than the Bioderma one when it comes to removing this eyeliner. Amazing stuff! I love this mostly to erase small mascara or eyeliner smudges around the eye area with a cotton swab.
So there you have it: They’re Real mascara (that you all already know), push up liner and remover. One big happy family! I can’t recommend these the two products reviewed enough. I’m sure you’ll see them more often on the blog. 
They’re Real Push up liner is launching in July and the remover in august, if not at the same time. 
What is your favourite type of eyeliner? Comment below by naming the eyeliner that you’re currently using đŸ™‚
– Zein xx

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