Beauty Tips : Winter Hand Care

January 23, 2015

One of my goals this year is to take extra good care of my skin. So far, so bad. Starting with the basics, let’s talk about hands, shall we?

The first and most obvious solution is to use hand cream. Who wouldn’t have thought of that? I’m currently using a sample of The Hand Treatment by La Mer. I know, I know, La Mer is definitely not cheapest brand. Proof: I still didn’t get the full-sized one and not planning to do so. But it does a marvelous job at keeping your skin hydrated and making it feel soft when your hands are at their worst. Another gem is OPI’s Avojuice skin quenchers; this one never leaves my handbag (check out what’s in my bag here!). This baby, that made it to my top 2014 beauty products, not only moisturizes your skin like a dream, but it also dries to velvet finish.
Now, there’s a specific way to use your hand creams in order to get the most use out of them. I kid you not, application makes a huge difference! Start by spreading the product on the palms and back of your hands, then get it between your fingers and knuckles. With what’s left, go over your cuticles quickly. And most importantly, keep on massaging your hands and cuticles for two good minutes to ensure that the cream is being well absorbed. Et voila! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Another excellent treatment is the Instant Nail & Cuticle Care from Sephora containing camelia oil. What are its benefits? It, of course, hydrates and nourishes your skin and it makes your fingertips smell divine! Best part is the process takes literally ten seconds to be done by just dipping your nails into the container.

Or you can, on the other hand, take the easy way out by going for a paraffin wax treatment. Basically, you dip your hands in hot oil-based wax for about ten to twenty minutes which will soften, nourish, and improve the blood flow of your hands. You can get this treatment at The Nail Spa or NBar in Dubai.Let’s make our hands the softest of 2015!

How do you keep your hands soft? 

– Zein xx

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