4 Samoa Products You Need

December 15, 2016

Samoa Cosmetics Must Haves

As shallow as makeup could get, there are a few bits and pieces that are very close to my heart and Samoa is one of them. It’s actually a love story that started around 20 years ago.

Remember how I talked about stealing my grandmother’s lipsticks here? These lipsticks were from Samoa. I still remember the plastic white packaging of bright red lipsticks. It was love at first sight, I tell you. Three generations in my family have used Samoa as their first makeup products: grandma, mom, and me.

This year Samoa turns 40 and is still making ladies look fabulous! There’s no better way to celebrate than talking about my top Samoa products. Now, like any other brand, a few of the products I’ve tried have not worked on me. However, I swear by these 4 items. They’re good, effective, and (honestly) cheap.

1. The Lipliner

I’m so impressed by the quality of these liners! Creamy. Pigmented. Long-lasting. Boom. I’ve been reaching out to these a lot lately instead of lipstick. The two shades I have are 945, the perfect nude, and 940, the perfect fall berry color.

2. The Lipstick

Samoa has a variety of lipsticks, but I want to talk about a specific one. It’s part of the Lotus range and it’s a shade that was specially made for their 40th anniversary: a gorgeous burgundy/aubergine color. It glides on very smoothly, its payoff is great, and it has a matte finish. It does smell like pigment/old lipsticks, so if lipstick fragrances bother you, skip this one. I used this lipstick in this fall makeup tutorial.

3. The Brow Pencil

The Catwalk BrowUp combines my two favorite things when it comes to brow products: the control of a pencil and the softness of a powder. This pencil has a powdery formula which makes it very easy to apply and gives a soft look to the brows. The non-brow-filling-gal in me approves.

4. The Concealer

Another product from the Catwalk line: this twist up concealer has been my go-to concealer for the past month. Not going lie, it doesn’t have full coverage. However, it brightens up the under-eye area beautifully and its gel-ish formula is kind of satisfying to apply.

On another note, I’ve been featured in Samoa’s magazine “Tendances” with other Lebanese bloggers. And here are some my favorite shots! I talked about the details of the eye look are here, but don’t forget to grab your copy for all the deets!

The Beauty Residence x Samoa Cosmetics

The Beauty Residence x Samoa Cosmetics

The Beauty Residence x Samoa Cosmetics

Samoa manufactures all of its products in Europe, but is only available in Lebanon. I’ll make sure to stock up these babies before I head back to Dubai!

What are you favorite Samoa products? 

– Zein xx

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