4 Beauty Things I Learnt From Being a Uni Student

September 13, 2017

My university days were by far the most interesting experience I’ve had so far. Besides the books I had to digest, I got to learn a whole bunch of beauty-related things the hard way. Here’s why…

1. It’s Fine to Look Ugly

True beauty appears during finals period. It’s fine to look ugly. Under-eye bags and no makeup become the new black. Although everyone around you is going to point out the fact that you look tired, they’re still going to love you and appreciate your presence.

2. Car Makeup = New Signature Look 

Doing your makeup in the car is not an option, it’s a must. You start memorizing where each road bump is to avoid poking your eye, and wait for those red lights to throw on your mascara.

3. Bad Makeup Days Will Haunt You

Yes, people forget. But the day you have lipstick on your teeth, or the day your mascara looks clumpy AF – people are going to stop and stare (no doubt about that). Make it worth their while.

4. Embrace Hairy and Scary

You won’t always be able to get your eyebrows and upper lip waxed or threaded (i.e. finals period), and yes, you will have to talk to your friends, professors, and even that cute guy in your English class with that ‘stache. I say embrace those Frida Kahlo brows, then run to the nearest salon as soon as you’re done with these exams.

What beauty-related things did you learn as a student? 

– Zein xx

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