3 Lush Products You Need This Summer

July 11, 2016

Lush summer essentials

It’s no great secret, I love Lush. The smell of the shop, the freshness of the products, the great staff that talks you into buying the whole store. I love it all. But there are 3 Lush products that I can’t seem to step away from.

The first one would be one of my all-time favorite exfoliators: Ocean Salt. It’s a bit of a chunky scrub, so it might not work on sensitive skin, but I love that it’s for, both, face and body. It leaves your skin smooth, fresh, and hydrated. Love it!

The next one is a Lush innovation: Whoosh shower jelly. You read that right.. Shower jelly. At first, I thought that you had to rub a little chunk of it into a loofah to create a bit of lather. Yeah… no. Turns out you have to rub it immediately onto your skin. Whoosh has a refreshing scent to it (don’t ask me to describe it, you know I’m incapable of doing that) that gives you an amazing energy in the morning or after a day at the beach. It does tend to slip and bounce all over the shower, but I’m not complaining… the child in me is really enjoying it.

The last gem, and probably the best discovery out of the batch, is Sea Spray. This hair mist is the right pick me up for dull days. It gives a lot of volume to my curls when they decide to look like lianas and it smells heavenly!

I can go on forever expressing my love for these three. But I’m going to leave it at that and let you discover the rest.

If you have any other Lush suggestions for the summer, leave them in the comments! 

– Zein xx

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