4 Samoa Products You Need

December 15, 2016

Samoa Cosmetics Must Haves

As shallow as makeup could get, there are a few bits and pieces that are very close to my heart and Samoa is one of them. It’s actually a love story that started around 20 years ago.

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Fall Makeup Look

November 16, 2016

Fall Makeup Look

Popping out the dark red shades during fall is probably my favorite thing to do. I’ve paired a gorgeous bordeaux lip with my go-to fall eye look.

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The New Brow Magic

August 18, 2016


I came back from Beirut around two weeks ago and found a Benefit Cosmetics brow galore waiting for me on my desk: pencil, gel, primer, the whole shebang. And so, a brow routine has been put in place in honor of this pretty darn good collection.

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July’s Beauty Picks

August 15, 2016

IMG_0054 (1)

My shy face is back on Youtube! I’ve been constantly going back to the same products, and neglecting the rest of my beauty collection. Thought I’d share through the lens of my new camera *wink wink*.

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